Markets Pharma

Delivering Technical Support with your Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pont delivers high quality pharmaceutical packaging in glass (type I, II and III) and plastic (PP,PE,PET).

Pont’s pharmaceutical product line in glass contains bottles, jars and vials. In plastic Pont can provide you with pharmaceutical bottles, containers, closures, caps and accessories.

All products are suitable for the Human and Veterinary Pharmaceutical market as well as Pharmacies, Biotechnology companies, Laboratories and Research centres.

Pont’s excellent pharmaceutical packaging supply service delivers:

  • High quality pharmaceutical bottles, containers, closures, caps and accessories - sourced from a worldwide network of reliable food packaging manufacturing partners.
  • Manufacturing excellence - the pharmaceutical bottles, containers, closures, caps and accessories can be manufactured in a clean room environment and under GMP. Manufacturers producing packaging for Pharmaceutical applications are all certified. All pharmaceutical products will be delivered with a Certificate of Analysis. Pont is an ISO 9001 certified company.
  • Technical expertise - from the Pharma team who are able to offer advice on all your pharmaceutical packaging needs. Additionally Pont’s pharmaceutical manufacturing partners provide total technical support in the development and production of your packaging.
  • Reliable delivery - with efficient logistics that comply with your scheduled delivery programme.
  • Responsive customer service - proactive in informing you of the best pharmaceutical packaging for your product(s). Pont communicates clearly and quickly on samples, product information, prices and stock levels.
  • Packaging design service - experts in the design of custom made pharmaceutical packaging in glass and plastic. Pont use their moulds to produce a customised product which can be manufactured in the most cost effective location for you.