Markets Vitamins & Mineral supplements

Proven Exceptional Service in Supplying Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Packaging

Pont delivers high quality bottles and containers in plastic and glass to the Vitamin and Mineral Supplements market. Pont has an extensive range of matching closures and accessories for vitamin and mineral packaging.

Pont has a strong reputation for its superior attention to customers’ needs in the Vitamin and Mineral Supplement market.

Pont’s excellent vitamin and mineral packaging supply service will deliver:

  • High quality bottles, containers, closures and accessories - sourced from a worldwide network of reliable vitamin packaging manufacturing partners.
  • Vitamin packaging Roundpackers, Petpackers and closures available in any colour - customised to your exact colour requirements.
  • Excellent customer service - dedicated to providing a responsive sales support service with up to date stock and delivery information.
  • Responsive service - flexible to your changing order requirements.
  • Expert packaging design - with a proven track record for design of bespoke vitamin packaging bottles, containers and closures that satisfy all customer packaging requirements.
  • Innovative packaging - the design and sourcing of innovative vitamin packaging container and closure features.
  • Own moulds - which include popular bottles and containers. These moulds can be used to manufacture containers in the most cost effective location for you.
  • Manufacturing excellence - all vitamin packaging containers and closures are produced according to current European regulations.
  • Rapid delivery - with efficient logistics that comply with your scheduled delivery programme.
  • One stop shop - providing the complete packaging service throughout Europe from design, sourcing to delivering the containers, closures and accessories.