Markets Food

From Standard to Exceptional Food Packaging

Pont delivers attractive glass food bottles and food jars, closures and accessories to the Food industry.

Pont's excellent food packaging supply service will deliver:

  • High quality glass food bottles and food jars - manufactured according to European standards and certification.
  • Wide range of standard food bottles and food jars - available to purchase in small to large quantities. Pont has many glass bottles and jars in stock including mini jars.
  • Exclusive Pont patented packaging - includes a unique range of glass food jars with wide openings and cap protection as well as its Excellsen range with its leading edge design.
  • Expert packaging design - with a proven track record of container design satisfying all customers’ food packaging requirements.
  • Your gateway to many manufacturers - providing you with 1st and 2nd tier suppliers. Pont has production capacity available all over Europe and the Far East, our food packaging manufacturers have all been closely audited.
  • Own moulds - which include a variety of food bottle, jar, pot and container moulds. These moulds can be used to manufacture containers in the most cost effective location for you.
  • Reliable delivery - with efficient logistics that comply with your scheduled delivery programme.
  • Responsive customer service - dedicated to delivering prompt and regular packaging updates.