Covid-19 update 20-03-2020

As you are aware the Corona or COVID-19 virus outbreak has progressed into a pandemic (WHO).

In Europe the situation is getting more serious and authorities are taking more measures every day. The Covid-19 pandemic is putting the logistics system in serious difficulties; the problems that
impact more severely these days are related to:

• Delay at border crossings and loading/unloading
• Driver shortage
• Hygiene
• Limited service to/from Italy/Spain

Delays at border crossings / during loading and unloading
As more EU countries are going into Lockdown and have intensified checks at border crossings, delays on international traffic are increasing. Smaller border crossings are being closed and the main crossings are delayed due to strict inspections by Authorities.

More loading- and unloading sites have changed health and safety protocols and intensify the protocols daily. Flexibility at sites is required to keep drivers up to date. Unfortunately loading and unloading processes at all sites are requiring more time delaying the overall lead-time.

Driver shortage / restrictions
At this moment we also see more and more that some drivers do not want to go to high-risk areas which creates further shortages. We are doing all we can to keep serving whole Europa but please understand the difficulties in the supply chain. The shortage will inevitably affect the service at one point.

To prevent even further problems, countries are checking the possibilities to temporarily loosen driving restrictions. Such as entering environmental zones, general restrictions during weekends, and will temporarily extend expiry dates of additional trainings and MOT for example. Currently this is only for drivers of prioritized goods such as food/feed, medicines, etc.

Hygiene protection
Increasing amount of loading and unloading sites as well as customers are requesting drivers to carry face masks. Since there is currently a shortage of face masks in the healthcare sector, we ask everyone to deal with this demand adequately.
In general complaints are received by drivers that they are banned from sanitary facilities at loading and unloading places. Access to sanitary facilities is crucial in this period for hygiene and personal care.

Limited service to/from Italy – Spain – Poland – Extended lockdown Italy most likely
Transport Capacity to and from Spain (Portugal)  Italy and Poland is decreasing rapidly and services are being restricted. The lockdown of Italy as it currently is will most likely be extended beyond its current end-date of April 3rd

We are doing all to update and serve our customers, please accept delays in our response as this is a challenging situation for all of us. Stay safe!