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PET Flasche e-Liquids Short fill 60ml

PET Flasche e-Liquids Short fill 60ml

This PET refill bottle in 60ml is perfect for the DIY but also as primary packaging for your juices. The different type of inserts makes it easy to refill these bottles and makes the life of your customer easy. The caps are TE/CRC. The bottles, inserts and caps are all TPD compliant.

 Helix – insert ifillgood – insert
 e-liquid insert with screwable needle e-liquid insert diy filling
Helix – cap ifillgood – cap
Material : PET
Bezeichnung : Bottle
Standardfarbe : Klar, Schwarz
Optionale Farbe : Nach Wahl
Mündungstyp : TE/CRC
Mündungsdurchmesser (mm) : 19.4 mm
Durchmesser (mm) : 30 mm
Höhe (mm) : 108.5 mm

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