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10ml 30ml 50ml

Dropper bottles have been used for many years to hold precious products securely and dispense them with accuracy. And now Pont have advanced that formula with A New Range of Dropper Bottles made in PET.

The strong but light dropper bottles are suitable for a wide range of products from cosmetics, flavour drops and CBD oils to culinary flavourings and home baking additives.


pet dropper bottle 10ml

neck GL18
diameter 21.8mm
height 59.7mm

pet dropper bottle 30ml

neck GL18
diameter 29.8mm
height 75.2mm


pet dropper bottle 50ml

neck GL18
diameter 36.0mm
height 80.0mm

Why choose Dropper Bottles in PET as an alternative to glass?


In line with Pont’s commitment to sustainable packaging, the PET dropper bottles can also be produced in 100% recycled PET or a combination of recycled and virgin PET content.

To learn more about packaging that’s both sustainable and optimised for the recycling process in line with a circular economy, visit Pont’s dedicated website.

Compatible with child resistant or tamper evident closures

GL18 dropper units, pipettes and atomisers available

More flexibility in colour options

Wider circumference giving a larger label area

The Dropper Bottles come in a family of three sizes – 10ml, 30ml and 50ml, all with the same standard GL18 neck finish making them compatible with a host of dispensing closures from dropper units to pipettes.

The flexibility of PET means that the bottles not only come as standard in a wider range of colours – clear, amber, white but can be made to order in any colour to complement or contrast with unique branding.

For more comprehensive product branding, check out the matching silhouette of of Pont’s range of PET Veral Bottles in sizes from 100ml up to 1000ml.

Perfect if a bulk product size is required.


Your packaging partner

Pont Packaging can assist you at every stage of procurement from technical details, traceability and documentation to quotes and samples. And with offices and warehousing throughout Europe, we offer a continuous supply with reliable and flexible deliveries from as little as one pallet.

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