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Cylindrical jar 250ml 89CT HDPE

Cylindrical jar 250ml 89CT HDPE

Explore our Cylindrical jar 250ml 89CT HDPE in HDPE - it’s perfect for sports nutrition applications including powder and food supplements, vitamins, tablets, pills or any other powder-based product. Ideally suited to the parapharmacy sector too.

PONT’s HDPE container is made of hdpe and features a ‘Continuous Thread’ neck finish. It can be supplied with a seal - IHS liner or PS22 - to ensure a perfectly airtight closure and a securely protected product within.

This effective closing system with a CT and a wide diameter of 89mm, ensures an easy filling of the jar. Our Cylindrical Jar has a diameter of 93,0mm and a height of 60,8mm, which gives an attractively straight, contemporary look. Available in white or black as standard, this container can also be supplied in the colour of your choice, in both normal or matt version.

PONT’s Cylindrical jar 250ml 89CT HDPE, with a capacity of 250ml, can be supplied with a personalised cap for stronger branding, including embossing for a premium effect. Dosing spoons can also be including for easier end consumer use - and the spoon can be branded too!

We deliver our Cylindrical jar 250ml 89CT HDPE quickly across Europe. Check out our high quality HDPE Cylindrical Jars with a free sample!

Material : Hdpe
Denomination : Jar
Standard colour : White, black
Optional colour : Of your choice
Neck finish : CT
Neck finish diameter : 89 mm
Diameter : 93,0 mm
Height : 60,8 mm

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