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Embossing closure 38CT & 45CT

Embossing closure 38CT & 45CT

Embossing closure are now available @ Pont

Pont is pleased to introduce its new embossing solution for metallic closure CT38 and CT45. Today, these metallic caps become a new communication channel towards your consumers for an ever personalized experience. Yes, we enjoy proposing high added-value services to our customers, even more when these solutions are available from as little quantities as 50.000pcs. And cherry on the cake, the tooling cost is so small that it makes this branding solution a no-brainer ! From 50.000pcs only!

Material : Metal
Beteckning : Closure
Standardfärg : Silver, gold
Halstyp : CT
Diameter halstyp : 38 & 45 mm
Insats : IHS, PS22

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