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Dropper bottle 010ml GL18 glass amber

Dropper bottle 010ml GL18 glass amber

With its GL18 neck finish, this versatile dropper bottle 10ml glass offers secure, leak-proof storage. Constructed of durable materials, it promises lasting use. The bottle is available in sizes from 10ml to 100ml, making it an optimal choice for storing essential oils, serums, and other liquids in various contexts. It’s equipped with a range of closure types, such as screw caps, tamper-evident, and child-resistant tops, promoting safety and product freshness. A calibrated pipette comes with the bottle for accurate, secure dosing. Its sleek, stylish design marries function and aesthetics, ensuring an elevated user experience and solidifying its status as an excellent storage choice.

Material : Glass
Denominación : Bottle
Color estándar : Amber, white flint, blue
Acabado del cuello : GL
Diámetro de acabado del cuello : 18 mm
Diámetro : 25,0 mm
Altura : 59,2 mm


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