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Dropper bottle 050ml GL18 glass amber

Dropper bottle 050ml GL18 glass amber

This multi-purpose glass dropper bottle 50ml, with a GL18 neck finish, ensures secure, leak-proof use. Built with durability in mind, it promises longevity. With capacities varying from 10ml to 100ml, it’s a perfect choice for storing essential oils, serums, and other liquids in diverse settings. Various closure options such as screw caps, tamper-evident, and child-resistant provide enhanced safety and product integrity. The bottle also features a precisely calibrated pipette for secure dosing, reducing waste and ensuring consistency. The functional yet sleek design makes for a visually pleasing and user-friendly experience, making this bottle a prime choice for all your storage requirements.

Materiale : Glass
Denominazione : Bottle
Colore standard : Amber, white flint, blue
Tipo di anello : GL
Diametro anello : 18 mm
Diametro : 38,0 mm
Altezza : 91,7 mm


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