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Petpacker 200ml 38HG PET

Petpacker 200ml 38HG PET

Our PET pot Petpacker 200ml 38HG PET is ideal for food supplements, dietary pills, vitamins - all types of tablets across the sport nutrition, parapharmacy and beauty sectors.

This petpacker in PET from PONT offers a modern design, a capacity of 200ml, a height of 109,6mm and a diametre of 58,6mm. With two options for the closing system - Continous Thread or Hinged Guard with Tamper Evident for capacities from 100ml up to 200ml. Our Petpacker 200ml 38HG PET has an opening of 38mm and can be supplied with a CT cap with integrated seal - IHS liner or PS22 - for excellent product integrity protection and for tamper evidence.

Standard colours are white opaque, cream white, amber, transparent, blue or green. This PET pot also be produced in the colour of your choice- with matt or glossy effect for a stronger shelf impact! PONT’s petpackers are a sustainable packaging solution - PET is an easily recyclable material.

We deliver our Petpacker 200ml 38HG PET quickly across Europe ! Experience PONT’s PET petpackers’ quality with free samples.

Materiał : PET
Oznaczenie : Jar
Kolor standardowy : White opaque, cream white, amber, blue
Kolor opcjonalny : Of your choice
Zakończenie szyjki : HG
Średnica zakończenia szyjki : 38 mm
Średnica : 58,6 mm
Wysokość : 109,6 mm

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