Established in 1906, Pont is the leading pan European supplier of glass and plastic bottles and jars together with associated closures and accessories such as scoops, bungs, taps and sleeves.

Pont delivers packaging to every country in Europe and many other markets worldwide, from its large network of multilingual offices in France, Holland, Germany, Poland, Spain and the UK.

Extensive Range of High Quality and Innovative Packaging

Pont's exceptional range of bottles, jars, closures and accessories coupled with its design and sourcing capabilities enables us to supply our customers with the perfect containers for their needs.

Pont products and services are primarily targeted at satisfying the needs of both large and small customers within the following markets: Food, Vitamins and Mineral Supplements, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Cleaning, Beverage and Personal Care

Reliable Source of Supply

Pont own and are prepared to invest in moulds at their manufacturing partners across the world. This provides our customers with a unique blend of low cost manufacture, quality product and security of supply. Pont’s financial strength and its currency hedging facilities enable it to provide long term price security irrespective of where the product is manufactured.

Pont’s unrivalled network of international manufacturing partners, its stocks of standard products at its warehouses across Europe and its efficient logistical operation ensures rapid and on-time delivery.

Outstanding Service

Pont aims to build close and long-term customer partnerships by delivering attentive customer service and the perfect packaging solution for you. Pont is passionate about packaging and renowned for its responsive and friendly customer service.

Pont is your one stop shop for packaging. Our experienced team will ensure that all your packaging needs are fully satisfied.

For any packaging requirements, please contact our experienced sales team via the contact page.