The strength of
a European group

with the flexibility
of a local service

Stock & delivery

Pont provides a high level of geographical coverage in order to locate itself as close as possible to its clients. This proximity ensures that customers receive a reliable and quick service.

12 warehouses strategically located throughout the principal European countries

Stocks of products are close at hand to meet ‘just in time’ deliveries

When required, we can deliver 24/7

On the basis of a contract, Pont can also pre-finance your inventory, manage it and even repack it if necessary. Pont holds your stock to secure just in time deliveries   (J. I. T.) which reduce your own stock level and values.

When you know that the cost of inventory and general expenses linked to storage (rent, insurance ,handling, staffing etc.) can represent up to 1/3rd of the working capital of a company, optimising these costs is essential. By providing you with these services, Pont offers to possibility to reduce your working capital and gives you the opportunity to invest these funds into the development of your business.

Pont aims to be your global partner in Logistics, offering more than just packaging.

With daily deliveries everywhere in Europe from our various warehouses,  your  packaging solution is close at hand.

Storage at Pont Packaging includes:

Conditioned and clean warehouses

A high performance management system utilising scanning for up-to-date inventories

Dock shelters and loading bays to comply with european legislation

A sustainable approach 

At each level of the group, everyone is encouraged to pay attention to the environmental impact of our activity and this through a multitude of small details has finally resulted in the reduction of our carbon footprint. At product level, Pont has decided only to concentrate on materials with a high degree of recyclability, such as glass and the PET, HD-PE, LD-PE and PP polymers.

Respect for and protection of the environment is also integral to all levels of our activities, including the selection of our partners. For example, our carriers use lorries which meet EUR05 emission standards, the strictest ones for heavy vehicles. Our deliveries to our clients are thus as responsible as possible.

Quality  & control

Within Pont, quality management and control of procedures forms part of our DNA. This is why it is important for us to guarantee an impeccable service to our clients, day after day and to merit the quality certifications which we hold:

this is a must and guarantees to our clients that the products provided by Pont correspond to current standards, which all of our warehouses meet.

However,The most important certification for us is the one that our clients award us. A customer survey is carried out every 3 years and for the last 3 surveys in a row, Pont has received a mark of 8.5 on a scale from1 to 10 for all of our services.

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