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Pont Pack

A punique solution for e-commerce selling pills or granules to consumers, with 2 capacities: 120ml and 275ml which will simplify your webshop logistics processes and reduce the delivery cost of your products. Your customers will certainly appreciate the efficient home delivery (through the letter box) of their purchases.
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Air fresheners

Patented airfreshener with 3 pieces system designed for ease of assembly and filling. This standard 150ml PET solution is available in different shapes and with several different caps design. These combinations can be supplied in any colour of your choice for stronger brand positioning on the home deodorizer market.
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Pont bottle - ideal for selling liquids online

Pont Bottle

Unique design of HD-PE bottle for e-commerce businesses. This bottle is the ideal solution for e-shops selling liquids products like vitamins, Omega based products, essential oil and to deliver them directly through the letter box of the customer without additional parcel delivery costs.
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fruit embossed jar glass embossing twist off TO white flint

Embossed fruit jar 

Original glass jars with embossed fruits, available in 50ml,106ml and 212ml with TO closure. These empty jars are suitable for all fruits recipes and marmalades and will ensure an authentic look to your products. These jars have already been adopted by a number of major brands.
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Waisted Round packer

Original design developed by Pont for sliming powder brands using the elegant shape. The shape of this HDPE packaging ensure also a perfect handling and offers a real product differentiation
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THE reference in packaging for the vitamins and sport nutrition products. Well-known amongst protein powders producers and fillers, these round HDPE containers are available in 33 different versions, from 50ml up to XXL 10.000ml with wide mouth opening for ease of filing. These jars can be embossed or personalised and supplied with dosing scoops for ease of use
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These smalls PET containers are the largest series available on the market for your pills or nutritional complements. These high quality PET jars are available in 13 differents sizes, from 60ml up to 950ml. These PET containers can be supplied with Hinged and tamper Evident caps for perfect product integrity protection.
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Profile jar glass food conserves twist off closure TO white flint

Profile jar

Unique glass jars with a classical shaped rim for cap protection ensuring the air tight protection of your products. These glass jars are available in 17 different sizes from 70ml up to the 1500ml. They are ideal for all kinds of food preserves like vegetables , meat, pâté but also fruit jams, sauces and other culinary recipes
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Cylindrical pill container

Tall with a modern look this recent series of PET jars, designed for highlighting pills or granules in 100ml, 150ml and 200ml with a 45 CT neck finish. These jars and related caps can be supplied in any colour of your choice for stronger branding and market impact.
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Dosing bottle 

Unique range of bottles with a dosing system for an exact dose measure. These HDPE dosing bottles are available with a single or a double neck and from 30ml/6ml to 1.000ml/20ml, with a TE, CRC and CT neck finish. Suitable for any chemical liquid solutions, these bottles can be used for any liquids requiring an accurate dosing such as e-liquids. More than 20 combinations are possible. Thanks Pont!
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