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  • Width: 93,5 mm
  • Height: 162,0 mm
  • Depth: 42,5 mm
  • Neck Finish: TE
  • Available in Recycled PE


  • Width: 110,0 mm
  • Height: 205,6 mm
  • Depth: 50,0 mm
  • Neck Finish: TE
  • Available in Recycled PE


  • Width: 136 mm
  • Height: 257,0 mm
  • Depth: 61,7 mm
  • Neck Finish: TE
  • Available in Recycled PE


  • Width: 135,0 mm
  • Height: 257,5 mm
  • Depth: 61,7 mm
  • Neck Finish: TE
  • Available in Recycled PE


  • Width: 90,0 mm
  • Height: 165,0 mm
  • Depth: 48,0 mm
  • Neck Finish: TE
  • Available in Recycled PE


  • Width: 110,0 mm
  • Height: 182,5 mm
  • Depth: 60,0 mm
  • Neck Finish: TE
  • Available in Recycled PE


  • Width: 132,0 mm
  • Height: 249,0 mm
  • Depth: 65 mm
  • Neck Finish: TE
  • Available in Recycled PE


  • Width: 132,0 mm
  • Height: 247,5 mm
  • Depth: 65,0 mm
  • Neck Finish: TE
  • Available in Recycled PE

Suitable liquid containers such as dosing bottles allows chemical fluids to be used safely

In chemical liquids, often millilitre dosage counts. There is a need for packaging solutions with which liquids cannot only be reliably transported and correctly stored but also accurately fed and measured out. Dosing bottles from the company of Pont guarantee that tasks can be performed carefully.

They are handy, robust, versatile in use and last a long time. They are manufactured from high-quality HDPE and can also be produced with environmentally-friendly bio-sourced HDPE or recycled HDPE. But at home or in a garage, what matters is not only precise dosing of chemicals and concentrates but also safety. Chemicals liquids must always be packed into a container with a child resistant closure for avoiding any domestic danger. 

dosing bottle with hand

Various Capacities and necks to choose from

Reliable dosing bottles with various sizes and available in sustainable materials

Only the correct dosage ensures the right application concentration and thus the desired result. A dose that is too high can lead to negative or even harmful results in many areas. Too low a concentration in many cases means that the desired effect cannot be achieved.

Are you looking for dosing bottles that allow you to dose precisely? Our plastic bottles have proven to be particularly effective. These have the advantage that they are very robust and have good resistance for many types of filling materials. At the same time, the dosing bottles are characterized by a good price-performance ratio and easy handling.

flacon doseur PEHD 1 goulot

What Exactly are dosing bottles?

Dosing bottles are specific bottles with one or two chamber for the exact dosing of the liquid. Using them allows the user to conveniently extract defined volumes of liquid or to measure out concentrates of all kinds. There are as a rule two versions of these containers: single-neck (1-neck, 1 chamber) and double neck (2-neck, 2 chambers).

Sometimes they are also described in terms of the number of apertures. Patented system ensure that no liquid can leak from the bottle. Thanks to the measuring chamber, the user does not have to use a measuring jug when he wants to measure out a specific volume.

With a simple hand squeezing on the body of the bottle the user can fill the measuring chamber. A scale with graduation marks shows the level in millilitres of the liquid contained in it. Then the measured volume can be conveniently and easily poured out. The system of the bottle delivers the dose without the rest of the contents of the bottle escaping from the dosing bottle’s other aperture.

Areas of application

The dosing bottle. Here, where not only hygiene and safety precautions have to be taken, it is essential to measure absolutely precise dosages in the chemical sector but also into the phyto-sanitair area. In order to ensure that these tasks, which require concentration, are not disturbed by containers falling over, being mislaid, being difficult to use or even springing leaks, attention must be paid to guaranteeing the high quality of storage.

It is not only a matter of convenience of use but also in particular of safety aspects. It may be the case that dosing bottles contain hazardous substances that must not be allowed to escape unchecked. What  is crucial to the high quality of a product for the retention and storage of chemicals, solutions, media and liquids is of course first and foremost the characteristics of the material. It should stand out thanks to properties such as a long useful life, stability, resistance, child safe closure and ease of use.

flacon doseur 2 goulots en PEHD

Advantages of dosing bottles

Dosing bottles are indispensable packaging solution for specific chemical liquids. Whether it’s a product for the garden, the household, the garage or for farmers. The dosing bottles facilitate the handling of liquid and accurate dosing. They are made of HDPE plastic, with polyethylene increasingly becoming the first choice of material thanks to its numerous advantages.

Plastic: a versatile, chemically-resist material

HDPE stands for High-Density Polyethylene. This means that it is very dense. It acts in an extremely stable manner with chemicals. They cannot affect the plastic, especially where storage is concerned. This gives this material a clear advantage over glass, the latter possibly being corroded by some chemicals over a lengthy period. HDPE also stands out thanks to its high resistance to tearing, scratching and wear. These properties make this plastic ideal for the manufacture of Pont dosing bottles. This material is absolutely harmless from a physiological perspective.

So it is widely used in the foodstuffs sector. Moreover, since HDPE cannot break down, it markedly increases safety. Even when you are dealing with hazardous substances, safe storage and retention are assured. This plastic can also be moulded, a further important criterion for sophisticated packaging solutions for substances and liquids in chemical technology. And last but not least, this material is 100% recyclable and thus can be reintegrated into the value chain. 

Numerous advantages from a safety point of view 

Whether it’s a chemical, a solvent or an acid or alkaline cleaning agent, these stable Pont ml dosing bottles made of environmentally-friendly HDPE permit easy and hence always safe and convenient measuring out. They are available in various versions and various sizes from 50 millilitres to 1,000 millilitres. They are manufactured with one or two bottle necks so there is an ideal version for every application. The customer can choose between many different combinations that vary with regard to their capacity, the size of the measuring chamber, the 1-neck or 2-neck version and the colour of the sealing cap. Thanks to their first-class manufacture from high-quality HDPE, these dosing bottles can be reused and topped up. So these products also meet ecological requirements. These containers also have a space-saving format and are not at risk of tipping over without reason. Thanks to the measuring chamber, measuring out the desired quantity of liquid is easy. The chamber can easily be refilled automatically by squeezing the container. These dosing bottles naturally observe all the strict regulations applicable to the packaging for hazardous substances and they also have child safety locks.

PONT – a global packaging partner since 1906

The Pont-Europe Group has specialised in tailored packaging solutions made of glass and plastic and is represented in all major European countries with 13 warehouses. Its dosing bottles for chemicals form only a small part of its entire product range. In addition, this international company supplies the foodstuffs and drinks, vitamin preparations and sports nourishment, animal care, body care and pharmacy sectors with its high-quality packaging solutions made of glass or plastic and as an option also offers logistical support with delivery and stock management.

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