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Whether you’re a startup or established brand active in the Food & Beverage, Vitamin & Sports Nutrition, Chemical, Pharma/OTC, Care or Cannabis/CBD industries, we can help you to find the most appropriate packaging solution to answer your needs. We will be more than pleased to assist you on selecting your sustainable packaging to support your brand into its eco-friendly journey.

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PONT Packaging is your local solutions partner for all your packaging requirements. Whether you’re looking for:

  • One-stop-supplier for complete packaging solutions.
  • Low MOQs to optimise your cash-flow.
  • Local teams of experts for tailor-made advise and services.
  • Bespoke design and customisation to match your brand identity.
  • Warehouses throughout Europe for local service and quick delivery
  • Sustainability packaging designs to meet your brand values and changing EU and local legislation,

we’ve got you covered. Our logistic services include stock holding, repacking, and on-call deliveries. With over 100 years of experience, we’ve served more than 5000 niche brands, artisan producers, wholesalers, national or international businesses and would love to work with you too!

Your Journey to a Sustainable Future in Packaging!

At Pont, we are dedicated to helping your business achieve a sustainable future in packaging. Our wide range of products are fully recyclable and tailored to meet sustainability guidelines, while also protecting the environment. We pride ourselves on offering the most sustainable approach in the form of recycled packaging options with varying levels of recycled content. Let us guide you on your journey to a greener future.

Recycled PET

Recycled PE

Bio-Based PE

Pont packaging services

Pont Packaging can help you to create your own packaging, whether it’s a glass or plastic solution . Based on a study of your needs, our technical development team can take you through each stage of your packaging solution’s progress.



Pont Packaging, an effective
logistical support

At Pont Packaging, we understand that your role is to focus on business growth. That’s why we can take care of your stock management and deliveries. Thanks to our local warehousing, we can ensure an efficient delivery service based on your needs and production planning. We operate capping and repacking services from bulk pallets down to shrink wrapped cartons as per customers’ requirements. If you’re short of space, we can offer stock holding on a contract basis so that you can take smaller regular deliveries spreading the cost and allowing you to invest in other parts of the business.

Pont Packaging aims to be your global partner in logistics, offering more than just glass jars packaging solutions. Check out our Dropper Bottle & Veral range

logistical support
logistical support

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