The UK Plastic Packaging Tax is Now in Full Effect, Learn What’s Changed!

Did you know….that the UK plastic packaging tax was introduced in April 2022? Of course you did! Everyone in the plastic packaging industry has been talking about the UK’s plastic packaging tax for ages…but there’s been the little issue of Covid getting in the way of normal life for the last two years, so we’re […]

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Storage & transport conditions for material made of plastic

  As high temperatures are becoming more and more frequents in Europe, we find important to share with you some information about the best practice from the industry when it comes to storage and transport of plastic materials.  We strongly advice you to pay attention to those storage & transport conditions as they may alterate […]

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The Growing Sector of CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets: Benefits, Products, and More The global pet CBD market was valued at $125 million in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 58.9%. With more people getting pets and the growing trend toward natural supplements, the pet CBD sector is becoming one of the most exciting […]

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The Budding CBD Industry in Europe

Europe’s CBD Industry in 2022 The CBD industry is one of the most innovative and rapidly growing industries in the world, and it’s reshaping the way we view health and wellness. The global CBD market was valued at $3.5bn in 2021, a considerable increase from the previous year at $2.8bn.  Thanks to a more progressive […]

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CBD Products are Massive in Health and Wellness

What is the value of the CBD Market for Health and Wellness? The global CBD market was valued at $3.5bn in 2021, a considerable increase from just one year earlier at $2.8bn in 2020. This fast-growing, pioneering sector is an exciting opportunity for brands in the health and wellness sector to capitalise on, with the […]

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Why health supplements are important for women

Understanding the role of smart supplementation of a healthy diet is increasingly the focus of people looking to boost their immune system and take as much control as possible of their bodies.For women in particular, there are clear stages in life that impact on the needs of their bodies, with the supplements required also changing. […]

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Update on the Pont Bees (December

During the winter conditions of December our bee friends are only able to survive on their honey supply, this means that if the bees hadn’t done such a good job of collecting nectar to make the honey in the last few months, they would be in some serious trouble now. Why is there a nectar […]

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Plastic Taxes for Pont

  Since beginning of 2021, the EU put a tax in place which requires from all member states to pay 0.80€/kg for non-recycled plastic packaging waste. It’s introduced as part of the coronavirus pandemic recovery package and all income from this tax will go back to the EU. As a consequence, the member states put […]

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Discover the power of an unique design packaging Effective branding for the fast growing vitamin and mineral supplement (VMS) sector is a key element in the consumer appeal, with the vast array of products available often resulting in confusion for health-driven customers. With much of the sector driven by online sales, the design of the […]

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