Update on the Pont Bees (December

During the winter conditions of December our bee friends are only able to survive on their honey supply, this means that if the bees hadn’t done such a good job of collecting nectar to make the honey in the last few months, they would be in some serious trouble now. Why is there a nectar […]

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Plastic Taxes for Pont

  Since beginning of 2021, the EU put a tax in place which requires from all member states to pay 0.80€/kg for non-recycled plastic packaging waste. It’s introduced as part of the coronavirus pandemic recovery package and all income from this tax will go back to the EU. As a consequence, the member states put […]

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Pont UK Limited gains Good Employment Charter supporter status

We are proud to report that the UK business has gained ‘supporter’ status to the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. As a first step towards achieving ‘member’ status, this represents an important development in our commitment to becoming a champion of responsible employment practices. The charter has 147 businesses registered as supporter members and has […]

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storage & transport conditions for material made of plastic

  As high temperatures are becoming more and more frequents in Europe, we find important to share with you some information about the best practice from the industry when it comes to storage and transport of plastic materials.  We strongly advice you to pay attention to those storage & transport conditions as they may alterate […]

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CBD & Novel food

CBD flowers

UK CBD Novel Food Regulation Clarified   If you have been following the news in the CBD industry, then there is a good chance you have heard about the Novel Food Regulation. Relevant to all cannabis business owners, the regulation attempts to standardise and control the vastly underregulated CBD industry. The change was a long time […]

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CBD: The new raising market

Cannabidiol is taking Europe by storm. This new and exciting industry provides plenty of opportunities for a lucrative business, although it does come with its own set of challenges. Complying with country-specific rules and regulations can be difficult. Due to the legal complexity, it is crucial for every CBD business to cooperate exclusively with trusted […]

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Old meets new with Pont’s extended range of Carafe Bottles

Pont Packaging has re-engineered the traditional carafe bottle for a new generation, taking the classic curves of the elegant glass bottle and combining it with the practical advantages of modern equipment. The result is a glass carafe bottle that can be filled on automated filling lines by adding a standard twist-off closure and a large […]

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Packaging giant moves its UK HQ to huge new Salford depot

A period of steady growth has driven one of Europe’s longest-standing suppliers of glass and plastic containers to relocate its UK headquarters in Manchester to a modern new unit more than double the size of its previous home. Pont Packaging’s brand new development, on Steuber Drive in Irlam has a warehouse space of 42,000 sq. […]

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Dedicated sustainable packaging website answers brand challenges


Knowledge is power! We want to share our deep knowledge of sustainable packaging to support and help power a circular economy. That’s why PONT has created a dedicated website for our sustainable packaging solutions at www.mygreenpackaging.com The PONT Green Team has carefully compiled this detailed yet readable collection of answers, analysis and advice, all designed […]

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Covid-19 update 20-03-2020

As you are aware the Corona or COVID-19 virus outbreak has progressed into a pandemic (WHO). In Europe the situation is getting more serious and authorities are taking more measures every day. The Covid-19 pandemic is putting the logistics system in serious difficulties; the problems that impact more severely these days are related to: • […]

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