The Growing Sector of CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets: Benefits, Products, and More

The global pet CBD market was valued at $125 million in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 58.9%. With more people getting pets and the growing trend toward natural supplements, the pet CBD sector is becoming one of the most exciting in the industry.

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

While there’s very little research on how CBD affects pets, there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence suggesting it can have the same benefits that it does for humans. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which regulates several vital body functions like sleep, pain, appetite, stress, and immune function. 

CBD helps support the ECS in regulating these functions to maintain a balance and better adapt to changes in environment. Still, while CBD itself is relatively safe for pets, other ingredients in the product may not be. 

Many CBD products intended for human use contain sweeteners and other additives to make the taste and texture of the CBD oil more pleasant, which could be dangerous to pets. The THC content in CBD products, even when under 0.3%, may also cause toxicity in pets, so it’s best to check for non-detectable THC levels in pet CBD products. 

There are also a few common side effects of CBD in pets, such as dry mouth, lethargy, dizziness, diarrhoea, or even vomiting. Since your pet can’t communicate its problems and experiences, it makes using CBD a little riskier than when using CBD yourself. 

The Benefits of CBD for Pets & Popular Products

Studies show CBD effectively reduces pain in pets with arthritis and may also help relieve separation anxiety, especially after so many pets are used to being around their owner full-time through the pandemic. CBD is commonly used to support pets with their sleep, appetite, and chronic pain, and veterinarians may even recommend CBD to reduce seizures and support their immune systems. 

Another benefit of pet CBD is that it comes in many easily-edible forms. If you’ve ever tried giving your pet a pill, you’ll know that CBD chews or treats make treatment much more manageable for pet owners.

There’s a wide variety of pet CBD products, but mostly they’re made for dogs or cats. With dog CBD products accounting for over 68% of shares in the pet CBD market in 2020, their owners tend to invest the most in their health and wellbeing. Cats follow just shortly after, and the cat CBD market is expected to see huge growth in upcoming years.

CBD Oil is the most popular for pets

When giving your pet higher doses of CBD to treat specific ailments, most consumers reach for CBD oil. It’s the purest and safest form of pet CBD, as some pets may be sensitive to ingredients used in edible pet CBD products. Still, CBD chews or treats are some of the most popular pet CBD products and are easily dosed and consumed. 

There’s also a growing number of topical pet CBD products, such as roll-on CBD or balms, which are great for relieving inflammation or wounds. Unlike many medications, topical pet CBD is generally considered safe for your pet to lick and come in contact with because of its natural ingredients. 

What’s Driving the Pet CBD Market?

The primary reason for the growing popularity of pet CBD products is that more people simply have pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, over 11.4 million households welcomed a new pet into their family during the pandemic, causing an upsurge in pet supplement sales in 2020. 

There’s also been a growing trend toward natural and plant-based supplements for both humans and their pets. Many pet owners are looking for a more natural alternative to common pet medications, and CBD has several natural benefits and a low-risk profile.  

Millennial pet owners also play a big role in the popularity of pet CBD products. As one of the most accepting demographics toward CBD and cannabis-related products, Millennials naturally want to share these benefits with their four-legged friends. They also prefer organic and natural pet supplements and invest the most in their pet’s health and wellbeing. 

Are Pet CBD Products Legal?

In the U.S., the legality around CBD can be a bit confusing. Put simply, pet CBD products are illegal on a federal level, but have been legalised by most states as long as they contain non-detectable levels of THC. The FDA also hasn’t approved any ingestible pet CBD products, such as CBD oil or CBD-infused treats, which makes marketing them for medical use illegal. Topical pet CBD products, however, aren’t controlled by the FDA and are legal to produce and sell. 

In the UK, pet CBD products require a UK veterinary marketing authorisation to be sold and supplied in the country. Currently, there aren’t any authorised pet CBD products, but a veterinary surgeon may prescribe regular CBD for animal use if needed. 

The Food Standards Agency and Veterinary Medicines Directorate have yet to approve CBD for pets, which makes marketing CBD products for animal use illegal. Still, many CBD companies in the UK sell CBD products for pets through a second store in Ireland, where pet CBD is sold legally. 

The legality of pet CBD varies in the rest of Europe, but there seem to be many businesses selling CBD for pets nonetheless. 

The Bottom Line

Although research and regulations around pet CBD are a bit murky, the demand for pet CBD is higher than ever. 

Thanks to a greater awareness of the therapeutic benefits of CBD, many consumers are already supportive and accepting of pet CBD products. The marketing ban doesn’t seem to be holding back businesses either, with the pet brand “Paw CBD” seeing a 64% increase in net sales in 2020.

The CBD market continues to trend

As the CBD market grows bigger, so will undoubtedly the pet CBD sector. Although the pet CBD market is still highly unregulated, it’s a great time for new industry players as the global pet CBD market is estimated to be worth an astonishing USD 4.79 billion by 2028! 

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