Storage & transport conditions for material made of plastic

  As high temperatures are becoming more and more frequents in Europe, we find important to share with you some information about the best practice from the industry when it comes to storage and transport of plastic materials.  We strongly advice you to pay attention to those storage & transport conditions as they may alterate […]

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  DYNAMIC NEW PONT GROUP CEO READY TO BE CHALLENGED Family-owned sustainability-focused glass and bio-based primary packaging supplier PONT Group has a dynamic new CEO at its helm. Michael Watson steps into the role following the retirement of Stephen Compson, who has taken the company from a relatively niche player to one of the largest […]

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Embossed closures & printed closures: Put your brand under the spotlight !!

Embossing caps & Printed caps are now available @ Pont Pont is pleased to introduce its new printing or embossing solution for metallic caps CT38 and CT45. Today, these metallic caps become a new communication channel towards your consumers for an ever personalized experience. Yes, we enjoy proposing high added-value services to our customers, even […]

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Glaskaraff – anpassad för automatiserade fyllningslinjer

Glass carafe bottle

PONT Europe har gett den traditionella karafflaskan en ny form för en ny generation, där den vackra glasförpackningens estetiskt tilltalande utseende har kombinerats med de praktiska fördelar som modern utrustning erbjuder. Vi har skapat en karafflaska av glas som kan fyllas på i automatiska fyllningslinjer genom att lägga till en standardvridförslutning och ett stort etikettområde. […]

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3D labels

3D labels, the easiest way to give volume to your brand ! We have added an innovative new product to our sustainability-focused portfolio – 3D labels especially designed for glass. Delivering the desirable embossing effect without brands needing to invest in expensive tooling, the attractive new 3D labels from PONT are perfect for glass bottles and […]

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