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It’s clearer than ever that every brand must do its best to minimize its impact on the environment. From major corporations to the local family concern, every single business is impacted by this new reality: The EU has set some ambitious short terms objectives on plastic recyclability which will have to reach 50% by 2025 and 55% by 2030.

Pont Packaging has been focusing on sustainable packaging and is pleased to share our knowledge with you on our own dedicated website


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We at Pont Europe are respecting and protecting the environment. In the following, we explain how we are doing this every day on the basis of our sustainability policy.

Learn about All of our sustainable packaging solutions

We have a wide range of sustainable options for all our products

Biobased PE

Learn about how this sustainable packaging solution performs, what it can be used for, products we have available and how it can be recycled for a circular economy.

Recycled PET

Learn more about recycled-PET, the benefits and changes in using different percentages of recycled content, 0% – 30% – 100% recycled PET materials that are collected and reused.

Recycled HDPE

Learn more about Recycled HDPE and how this none food grade sustainable packaging solution Is perfect for storing chemicals, acids, alcohols and many other products safely.


Learn more about the features and benefits of using Glass material for food grade packaging, the raw and recycled materials that it is made from and why it’s a naturally sustainable material from start to finish.

Carbon Black free

Learn more about carbon black free pigments and how this sustainable packaging solution allows the recycling centres to identify products that need to be recycled and reused.

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Pont Green & Our 4 pillars

Because we take environmental protection seriously, we created a Pont Green team in 2017, which is interacting with all other departments to raise the sustainability overall at Pont Europe.

We set 4 pillars for sustainable action to create green packaging:

Reduction of material

We started to investigate where a reduction of raw material is possible without affecting the quality of the packaging. Our plastic and glass packaging has a very high quality, because we want to protect the filled goods of our customers and offer the optimal shelf life for the goods to avoid waste. This is the most important criteria of a packaging and decides amongst other things, if the final product is sustainable or not. 

To give an example: We reduced the weight of one of our containers by 5 grams and saved around 250 kg of raw material in the last year only with one product adaption.

Recyclability of our products

We are focusing on the differences between local recycling systems and advise our customers which packaging solution is the best to recycle. Most of our packaging, e.g. containers and caps, are mono-polymers, which are optimal to recycle, because recycling systems need pure materials.  Nevertheless, we are actively working on different approaches to optimise recyclability of our products even more, e.g. though avoiding Carbon black in our colours, use more clear PET and offer appropriate material combinations to enable recycling.
We are working together with local institutes to stay updated and investigate regularly where we can optimise the recyclability of our products. We started to certify the recyclability of our packaging at the German Institute cyclos-HTP. For most of our PET clear and HDPE white containers, we already certified and proved their recyclability of 100% in several countries. We will extend the certifications step by step to offer the proven recyclability of our products to our customers.  Due to the reason that recyclability is the overarching aim of most regulations for sustainable packaging, financial incentives are announced by the EU for recyclable packaging.

use of recycled materials

The raw material has the highest impact to the carbon-footprint of a product. That’s why we try to use recycled and renewable raw materials where it is possible and makes sense. We advise our customer where to use which material and develop our portfolio of sustainable raw materials regularly. The use of recycled materials could save more than 50% of the CO2-emissions and the production of renewable raw materials from plants can even capture CO2 instead of producing it. 

These approaches are helping to reduce the CO2-emission of the raw material production, which affects the total carbon-footprint in a positive way and saves fossil resources. We are in permanent contact with raw material suppliers to develop our portfolio of sustainable raw materials regularly. Currently, we have rPET, rHDPE, as well as bio-based PE and are looking for more bio-based alternatives. Just be aware that some shortage on those recycled or biobased material could happen and are totally out of our own control.


These approaches reduce the CO2 emissions associated with the production of raw materials, which has a positive impact on the total carbon footprint and conserves fossil resources. We are in constant contact with raw material suppliers to regularly develop our sustainable raw material portfolio. Currently, we have rPET, rHDPE, as well as biobased PE and are looking for other biobased alternatives.

The increasing global demand for biobased PE is putting pressure on the availability of raw materials and needs to be assessed at the time of each new project.

General behaviour all over Pont Europe’s departments & Work environment

Within all of our departments, we prevent waste and pollution. We enable the best and easiest way of sorting waste on the household, commercial & production level to reach the best possible recycling results at the local waste management systems.  We do our best to optimise the efficiency of using resources like raw materials, energy, water, place but as well as human resources on a regular basis.   We offer our employees a pleasant and safe working environment as well as a fair salary and good work-life-balance. All colleagues are working in an open and social environment of company togetherness. That results from working together in different departments all over Europe, which requires an open mind and respectful behavior.

It’s part of our sustainability policy to train our employees in all departments and enable personal development.

Saving resources

All over Pont Europe, we do our best to save energy, CO2 and water. Most of our offices are regulated automatically for light and water. The heating and cooling can be regulated partly, so we avoid wasting energy. Where aren’t already LED lights, we will replace the broken lights by energy saving LEDs.

Other approaches are the following:

  • Offices & Marketing:
    – We are replacing single-use plastics by long-lasting or refill alternatives in our daily behavior.
    – Together with partners, we are reusing carton boxes for shipments.
    – In our offices, we avoid printing to use less paper.
    – We installed professional video conference equipment in each office in Europe, due to Covid-19 situation, which is also to minimize business trips where possible in the future.
    – We reduce at maximum the print of promotional material like brochures, flyers and give the priority to digital communication.
  • Production:
    – We do our best to plan and do production in the most efficient way to save time, energy and costs.
    – We avoid any leakage or pollution by production plants and reducing waste through process optimisation.
  • Transport:
    – Our plastic packaging are light-weight products, so the amounts are high, while the transportation effort is low.
    – We do our best to transport our goods in the most efficient way. Which means keep ways short, only transporting full loads, working with local logistic companies, etc.


To support the protection of the environment, we extend our contribution beyond the daily business.
Therefore, in some surroundings of our offices, we planted fruit trees to strengthen our contribution to the environment even more and compensate CO2-emissions.
We replaced also our traditional end-of-year business gifts by a donation to an environment supporting activity on behalf of our customers. This activity is beekeeping together with a partner – we placed a beehive in a nature park next to our office in the Netherlands.

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