The Pont Europe Beehive

Here at Pont, our dedicated Green Team deal with many technical projects concerning packaging materials and the circular economy so it’s exciting to take a step outside and look at other ways we can support the environment around us.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce the Pont Europe Beehive! A great opportunity to make a positive impact on nature and support the bee population.

It is beautifully crafted in sustainable cedar wood with a plaque bearing our name. Situated just near our Benelux HQ in Almere, the Beehive lives in Estate Cruysbergen and will be taken care of in partnership with Liquid Nature.

Liquid Nature

The Pont Europe Beehive has been made possible through sponsorship with a company called Liquid Nature. Our contact there, Jessica Loudon is a Bee Keeper and promoter of bio-diversity who offers business packages to contribute to a more sustainable environment either on site or in other beautiful locations.

As well as managing beehives, Liquid Nature also offers project management for sustainability projects and hosts business events visiting beehives or presenting webinars about bees and bio-diversity.

Estate Cruysbergen

Estate Cruysbergen is a place of natural beauty, partly residential and partly dedicated to nature. It is teeming with wildlife from fallow deer and foxes to hedgehogs and weasels not to mention a whole variety of birds and insects. This nature reserve also contains a system of Ecoducts to connect it to other natural spaces in the surrounding areas and giving wildlife freedom to move.

It has a fascinating history, being founded by a Dutch writer and psychotherapist who loved nature, Frederik van Eeden (1860 – 1932). He in turn, was influenced by an American writer called Henry David Thoreau who wrote a popular book called Walden or Live in the Woods. This inspired Frederik to start his own commune living simply and closely to nature.

Indeed, the Pont Europe Beehive is located at the end of Waldenstreet, where Frederik lived with a bohemian community of other artists.

Sadly, the commune only lasted just under a decade due to chaotic leadership and poor financial organization but the area was then taken over by a developer that kept the natural spaces and built low-lying bungalows that complemented the surroundings.

Why are bees so important to the Environment?

Bees are a fantastic symbol of nature and part of the natural cycle of life. Some 80% of European wildflowers require insect pollination and we can only uphold a healthy natural ecosystem by maintaining the health of our bee population along with other pollinating insects.

Pollinators allow plants to fruit and seed, providing food and habitat for a range of other creatures and they are essential to the food chain, pollinating the equivalent of a third of what we eat either directly or indirectly.

Pont’s Commitment to the Environment

As we all now look to the environmental effects of our company’s and our own actions, Pont has adapted its whole product development strategy to be guided by our in-house Green Team. They are dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry progress in plastic materials and recycling practices throughout Europe. The result is that the majority of our standard ranges can be produced in more sustainable materials, promoting a circular economy.

Beyond our products, we have made many internal changes from the way we pack product and samples to our use of plastic cups and water bottles along with challenging our colleagues to take further steps.

The Pont Europe Beehive demonstrates a new way of getting involved with our local environment and we look forward to seeing it flourish over the coming years.

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