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Roundpacker 1500ml 100CT HDPE white

Roundpacker 1500ml 100CT HDPE white

PONT’s HDPE Roundpacker 1500ml 100CT HDPE white is designed for packing sports nutrition powders like Whey or protein, food supplements and other types of powders. It’s also perfectly suited to parapharmacy or cosmetic applications.

This roundpacker in hdpe of 1500ml is ideal for all type of products. The container has a height of 169,0mm and a diameter of 123,0mm, with a neck finish opening of 100mm and closed with a CT cap. These caps can include an integrated seal – PS22 or IHS liner - for great product protection and Tamper Evidence.

The Roundpacker 1500ml 100CT HDPE white liner and cap can be customised with your logo too - including embossing for a luxury look! Produced in standard HDPE, this container from PONT can be supplied in white or black as standard. Any other colour is possible - and ‘Soft touch’ effect - depending on MOQ. These robust HDPE containers are available from 60ml right up to 10000ml and a dosing spoons can also be including for easier end consumer use - and the spoon can be branded too! Last but not least, your roundpacker are a great sustainable packaging solution as HDPE is fully recyclable.

We deliver our HDPE Roundpacker 1500ml 100CT HDPE white quickly across Europe ! Request free samples to test our product quality.

Material : Hdpe
Denomination : Jar
Standard colour : White, black
Optional colour : Of your choice
Neck finish : CT
Neck finish diameter : 100 mm
Diameter : 123,0 mm
Height : 169,0 mm

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