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Easy off, easy on with the new twist off Eeasy lid solution

The drawback:

Jars wit twist-off lids are difficult to open and those difficulties increase with the size of the lid. Senior citizens, people with disabilities, nerve or joint disorders, but also healthy men, women and children, know the difficulties in opening jars and therefore resort to household tricks.

Eeasy lid banner horizontal
Eeasy lid banner horizontal

This is how EEaSY LId WORKS

The EEASY LID features new jarring technology and a worldwide patent. This innovation in premium lid packaging will make opening jars a breeze.
The days of using pure force or clever tricks are over: All you need to open your jar is the gentle touch of your fingertip.
The EEASY LID features a button at the center. By applying pressure with your fingertip, the vacuum is released – and the lid can be twisted off with almost no effort.
According to a study carried out by Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, the EEASY LID is at least 50% easier to open than conventional lids.


Adding convenience and value with EEasy Lid

Consumer tests show that 84% of users find EEasy Lids easier to open than conventional. Choosing EEasy Lid for your PONT packaging solution is a premium way to stand out on the shelf, and to offer a unique experience to your consumers.
Push button

Push button in the middle of the aluminium lid releases vacuum

No need to wrestle with new jars
– helps physically challenged consumers of all ages

Push button in the middle of the aluminium lid releases vacuum

  • Aluminium lids and glass jars = an easy, sustainable solution
  • Sustainable packaging that reflects your brand values
  • PONT people ready to support your sustainable packaging goals
  • All PONT glass jars can be personalised


The Pont-Europe Group has specialised in tailored packaging solutions made of glass and plastic and is represented in all major European countries with 13 warehouses. Its dosing bottles for chemicals form only a small part of its entire product range. In addition, this international company supplies the foodstuffs and drinks, vitamin preparations and sports nourishment, animal care, body care and pharmacy sectors with its high-quality packaging solutions made of glass or plastic and as an option also offers logistical support with delivery and stock management.

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