glass carafe bottles from Pont

500ml and 1000ml sizes have been added to this popular range

Pont Packaging has re-engineered the traditional glass carafe bottle for a new generation, taking the classic curves of the glass wine and water Carafe and combining it with the practical advantages of modern equipment and applications. The result is a glass carafe bottle that can be filled on automated filling lines by adding a standard twist-off closure and a large labelling area.

carafe glass bottle updates

user friendly updates for the manufacturer

The modern practicalities of the Carafes are enhanced by profiling the silhouette to fit easily within automated filling lines and this also results in a large labelling area which is great for both unique branding and full consumer information.

The High Quality range of drinks bottles has a multitude of uses from juice and dairy drinks to cereal and pulses and the extended family of four sizes now covers full branding from a 150ml sample size, standard 250ml and 500ml reaching a 1000ml for bulk buys. The Carafes make ideal juice bottles or milk bottles with easy to use twist off closures and are perfect sauce bottles with their wider necks.

Beautiful and sustainable for the consumer

An elegant bottle that could grace any dining table and the smart choice for consumers looking for products in more environmentally friendly packaging. The Carafe made in sustainable glass can easily be recycled or re-used within the home for serving drinks or even displaying flowers.

Carafe glass Bottle 150ml
150ml Carafe Bottle

Carafe 150ml

Neck 43 twist off
Diameter 51.1mm
Height 143mm

Carafe glass bottle 250ml
250ml Carafe Bottle

carafe 250ml

Neck 53 twist off
Diameter 59.4mm
Height 165mm

Carafe glass bottle 500ml
500ml Carafe Bottle

carafe 500ml

Neck 58 twist off
Diameter 74.7mm
Height 193mm

Carafe glass bottle 1000ml
1000ml Carafe Bottle

carafe 1000ml

Neck 66 twist off
Diameter 91mm
Height 271mm


a bottle that's ready to be presented on the shelf or at the table

Pont's greener approach to packaging

In line with Pont’s commitment to sustainability, we are proud to be presenting a high quality range made from glass which almost endlessly recyclable and with such a charismatic shape it could easily be re-used again and again in the home. 

Learn more about Pont’s sustainable approach to packaging on our dedicated website

Beautiful Glass Bottles for artisan producers

The Carafe Bottles are just one of Pont’s high quality, value added glass ranges for the Food & Beverage industry. With hundreds of sizes and styles of wholesale glass available from stock, Pont has been a supplier of glass bottles wholesale for over a century with offices and warehousing throughout Europe and provides continuous supply with flexible and reliable deliveries from as little as one pallet. We can also advise on personalising your packaging with a variety of options from spraying and embossing to coloured or printed closures. 

And beyond our wide range of glass bottles UK, Pont also specialises in bespoke designs, assisting all the way from the initial idea to the final product on the shelf. Ask our knowledgeable sales team about the right packaging for your brand.

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