pont dosing bottles for precision liquids

The liquid containers allow chemical fluids to be used safely.

In chemical liquids, often millilitre dosage counts. There is a need for packaging solutions with which liquids cannot only be reliably transported and correctly stored but also accurately fed and measured out. Dosing bottles from Pont guarantee that tasks can be performed carefully. They are handy, robust, versatile in use and last a long time. Manufactured from high-quality HDPE, the dosing bottles can also be produced with environmentally-friendly recycled HDPE. But at home or in the garage, what matters is not only precise dosing of chemicals and concentrates but also safety. Chemicals liquids must always be packed into a container with a child resistant closure for avoiding any domestic danger.

What exactly are dosing bottles?

Dosing bottles are a system of both bottle and measuring cup combined within one container, they are easy to fill for manufacturers and straight forward for end users so that no separate measuring jug is required. They use an integrated tube that fills the dosing chamber to the required level when the bottle is squeezed, simply measure and pour.

We have two designs of the liquid dosing bottles to offer.

A One Neck system which uses a plug at the base of the measuring chamber so that the bottle can initially be filled easily.

A Two Neck System which gives the flexibility of using the dosing chamber or pouring the contents directly from the bottle. The chambers on the Twin Neck version are graduated for multiple dosing options and flexibility.

Pont carries a large range of sizes of the Dispensing Bottles to cover various applications also making them great for brand continuity when a sample size, standard size and bulk size are needed in a range. The bottles range from 50ml up to 1000ml with the dosing chambers in sizes from 5ml to 60ml. Pont stock the HDPE bottles in natural – the translucent finish allowing the liquid level to be seen against the graduations but any other colour can be produced upon request.

Contact our knowledgeable sales team for more information on how the dosing bottles could work for your products or to request a quotation or sample.

personalising containers

Pont’s standard dosing bottle is delivered in a natural shade and is just one of our high quality ranges for the Chemical Sector. However, there are several options for personalising these containers so as to create an individual packaging solution. From the company logo to enhancement with engraving or stamping, customers can also make it unique with a colour matched to their brand.

At Pont, an in-house technical development office, together with the customer, handles the personalisation of the desired product. En route to the tailored packaging solution the idea passes through several stages: from the manual sketch and the concept via the 3D model and the test to the tools and production.

Personalising containers

areas of application

Where hygiene and safety precautions have to be taken, it is essential to measure dosages precisely making the dosing bottles popular in various sectors including chemical, agricultural, veterinary and equine, such as:
• chemical concentrates for aquarium • desinfection • detergent • fertilizer • liquid supplement for animals • automotive • and much more
It is not only a matter of convenience of use but also in particular of the safety aspects. It may be the case that the dosing container holds hazardous substances for concentrated chemical dosing that must not be allowed to escape unchecked. What is crucial to the high quality of a product for the retention and storage of chemicals, solutions and liquids is the characteristics of the material. It must have the properties of a long useful life, stability, resistance, the option of a child resistant closure (CRC) and ease of use.

sustainable dosing bottles made of recycled hdpe

Manufacturers understand the importance of analysing their packaging from the point of view of its impact on the environment. Pont can assist here with a dedicated Green Team that can advise on all aspects of a package from materials and design to closures and labelling.

The Dosing Bottles are no exception and can be produced in Recycled HDPE. This is possible because they are used for chemical applications as recycled HDPE is not currently approved for food use. Natural HDPE bottles will show a small discolouration as illustrated here but this can be worn proudly, showing that a change for the better has been made.

Discover more of our policy on sustainable packaging at Pont’s own website :

recycled HDPE

recycled HDPE

Numerous advantages from a safety point of view

Whether it’s a chemical, a solvent, acid or alkaline cleaning agent, the Pont dosing bottles made of HDPE or recycled HDPE permit easy, safe and convenient measuring in plastic packaging. They are available in various versions and various sizes from 50 millilitres to 1,000 millilitres and are manufactured with one or two bottle necks so there is an ideal version for every application. The customer can choose between many different combinations that vary with regard to their capacity, the size of the measuring chamber, the 1-neck or 2-neck version and the colour of the cap.

Thanks to their first-class manufacture from high-quality HDPE, these dosing bottles can be reused and topped up. So these products also meet ecological requirements. These containers also have a space-saving format and are not at risk of tipping over without reason.

The measuring chamber makes measuring out the desired quantity of liquid easy. The chamber can easily be refilled automatically by squeezing the container. These dosing bottles naturally observe all the strict regulations applicable to the packaging for hazardous substances where child resistant packaging is required.

dosing bottles blue
In mold fluorisation

In-mould fluorination: reinforced protection of the HDPE bottle

Rigid bottles containing chemicals designated as hazardous substances can be reinforced from the inside using the In-Mould fluorination technique. This technique, used in the chemical industry, consists of introducing a concentration of fluorine at the blow moulding stage of the HDPE. The fluorinated barrier, created by chemical modification of the inner surface of the container, has the characteristic of creating an additional impermeable layer inside the bottle. This provides bi-directional protection against migration of both the container and the contents. This barrier technology has a triple benefit:

  • It maintains the recyclability properties of the bottle, which remains recyclable in the same stream as other standard HDPE containers.
  • It does not alter the shape or capacity of the bottle or can.
  • It is easy to use, as it uses HDPE, which is a standard polymer.
It is relevant for increasing the strength and durability of dosing bottles and maintains the integrity of the packaging for improved safety in use and over time. It is specifically recommended for protection against oil-based solvents or chemicals that may cause discolouration or fading of the plastic. The HDPE bottle treated in this way is an ideal solution for so-called difficult liquids: phytosanitary products, petroleum-based products, etc.

Not the container for you?

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Pont Packaging – a global packaging partner since 1906

The Pont-Europe Group has specialised in tailored packaging solutions made of glass and plastic and is represented in all major European countries with 13 warehouses. Its dosing bottles for chemicals form only a small part of its entire product range. In addition, this international company supplies the foodstuffs and drinks, vitamin preparations and sports nourishment, animal care, body care and pharmacy sectors with its high-quality packaging solutions made of glass or plastic and as an option also offers logistical support with delivery and stock management.

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