The most popular packaging solutions for the vitamin and sports nutrition market

Supplements, protein drinks and amino acids are increasingly a part of everyday life. The market continues to develop continuously. At Pont Packaging, we don’t sit still either. And that is why we would like to draw your attention to our unique and sustainable packaging solutions. Discover the top 40 most used packaging used by major brands in the vitamin and sports nutrition market.

Top 40 most popular packaging for the VMS sector

You are already familiar with our products. Nevertheless, we would like to highlight our top 40 most popular products for the VMS sector. We can divide these products into the following 6 series:

Cylindrical Jar

  • Material : HDPE/Bio-based HDPE
  • Colour: Of your choice
  • Neck Finish : CT
  • Capacity : 150 – 3.000 ml
  • Neck Diameter : 63 – 135 mm
  • Diameter : 65,5 – 140 mm
  • Height : 54,8 – 215 mm


  • Material : HDPE/Bio-based HDPE
  • Colour: Of your choice
  • Neck Finish : CT, CRC
  • Capacity : 50 – 10.000 ml
  • Neck diameter : 33 – 120 mm
  • Diameter : 38,4 – 230 mm
  • Height: 68,6 – 315 mm

Powder Jar

  • Material : Glass
  • Colour : amber
  • Neck Finish : CT
  • Capacity : 15 – 1.000 ml
  • Neck Diameter : 28 – 68 mm
  • Diameter : 32,6 – 103,2 mm
  • Height : 52,4 – 180,5 mm


  • Material : PET/R-PET
  • Colour : Of your choice
  • Neck Finish : CT, HG
  • Capacity : 60 – 950 ml
  • Neck diamter: 33 – 53 mm
  • Diameter : 44 – 91,7 mm
  • Height : 61 – 178 mm

Tablet Jar

  • Material : HDPE/Bio-based HDPE
  • Colour : Of your choice
  • Neck Finish : HG
  • Capacity: 50 – 1500 ml
  • Neck diameter : 43 – 95 mm
  • Diameter : 45 – 100 mm
  • Height : 50.6 – 219 mm


  • Material : Plastic, aluminium, metal, urea
  • Type of closure: CT, CRC, TE and more
  • Optional colour : choice
  • Insert: IHS, PS22, EPE and more
  • Finishing: e.g. smooth, ribbed

Together with Pont Packaging towards a greener future

For any business, it is necessary to become more sustainable. Due to changes in European laws and regulations, we all need to invest time and money to go greener. For example, plastic recyclability must be 50% by 2025 and 55% by 2030. From 2024, the EU will ban loose closures and caps on bottles.

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and more often insist on sustainable packaging. Did you already know that we have a wide range of sustainable options? With Pont’s packaging, you meet end-users’ sustainability needs. We have packaging made from bio-based and recyclable materials, such as recycled PET. We also offer solutions for connected closures, called tethered caps.

Pont green

Wholesale packaging for Vitamins and Sports nutrition

Pont Packaging is a wholesale packaging company. This means that we supply our products exclusively to companies. We apply a minimum order quantity of 1 pallet per article. This does not apply to closures and accessories. Are you a private person? Then unfortunately you cannot place orders with us.

Brand awareness with personalised packaging

The first thing a consumer sees of a product is the packaging. This first impression should be good right away. Personalised packaging stands out immediately. We can easily personalise our standard items for the vitamin and sports nutrition market by embossing, printing or slewing.

Embossing is a technique where we emboss the logo into the packaging. It is also possible to print the logo on a metal or plastic closure or cap. A good brand experience makes consumers prefer a particular product. With personalised packaging in the right corporate colours and with the logo embossed, you offer consumers a great brand experience.

Your partner in logistics solutions

With our 12 warehouses in Europe, we are always near you. This allows us to guarantee reliable and fast delivery. Moreover, our just-in-time deliveries allow you to reduce your stock. We deliver exactly on time, when you need it. We pack our products securely and safely so that everything is well protected during transport.

Contact Pont Packaging - quotations, orders, logistics, support

Our possibilities in the field of packaging are endless. Do you have questions about a specific product? Do you need support on sustainability? Can we help you with logistical solutions? You can always contact our sales department. Our staff are at your service and are happy to think along with you.

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