- PET juice bottles -

six sizes, two designs,
hundreds of uses

A versatile new range from Pont Packaging, the PET juice bottles are suitable for a whole host of beverages from smoothies and shakes to water and juices.

With sizes ranging from 150ml all the way up to 1000ml and tamper evident closures, we’ve got the bottle to suit your product.

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the round bottles

Simple cylindrical bottles for easy labelling and comfortable handling.

plastic bottle 150ml
150ml round
plastic bottle 250ml
250ml round
PET drinks bottle 330ml
330ml round
PET bottle 500ml
500ml round
PET bottle 750ml
750ml round
PET bottle 1000ml
1000ml round
PET drinks bottles

The advantages of
PET bottles

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the square bottles

Forward facing labelling for greater shelf presence and softened corners for easy handling.

PET Bottle 150ml square
150ml square
PET bottle 250ml square
250ml square
PET bottle 330ml square
330ml square
PET bottle 500ml square
500ml square
PET bottle 1000ml square
1000ml square
tamper evident closures

To complete the package

The PET bottles can be completed with a Tamper Evident screw closure, also available from Pont.

All sizes have the same 38mm neck for easier purchasing and there are eight colours to choose from:

Black, Red, Orange, White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Natural.

tamper evident closures

In keeping with Pont’s commitment to sustainable packaging, the clear bottles are fully recyclable and can also be produced in recycled PET for a circular economy.

To learn more about Pont’s sustainable choices in packaging materials, visit our dedicated website.

pont green

Pont’s experienced sales team can advise on all aspects of this range and indeed all product ranges, from samples and quotes to logistical information and technical documentation to guide customers through the purchasing process.

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