CT (continuous thread) Closure requiring full rotation to be open. Liquids, chemical products, VMS, food.
TO (twist off) Twist off closure opened with a short rotation and mainly used in the food sector in combination of glass products. Mainly food sector.
MTO (Medium TO) The medium Twist Off is a cap with height between TO and DTO. Mainly used in the food market.
DTO (Deep TO) The Deep Twist Off is the “deepest” cap which gives a premium look to your product. Mostly used in the food sector with glass jars for premium appearance.
CRC (Child resistant closure) Special CT closure which must be pushed down and turned simultaneously for opening. Safe system which keeps children away from the product. Any product which requires some child protection like VMS, Cleaning products, detergents, most chemical products.
TE (Tamper evident) Closure offering visible proof of opening by breaking a safety rim on first use. Any product which requires a proof of opening.
CRC/TE Child resistant closure AND tamper evident rim. Required for specific markets. Any products which requires child protection as well as proof of opening.
ROPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof) / PP (Pilfer Proof)/PFP Aluminum caps offering a tamper evident rim with EPE liner. Wines, spirits, waters, soft drinks, carbonated drinks, food, pharma.
DIN18 German based norm for dropper bottles with neck finish allowing addition of specific dropper, pipette and caps. Pharma, essential oils, alcoholic solution, e-liquids.
GL 18/20/22 French version of the DIN neck finish. Pharma, essential oils, alcoholic solution, e-liquids.
HG (Hinged) Specific neck finish fitting snap on cap, may have a tamper evident rim. Pills, tablets, pharma & parapharma products, chewing gum, confectionery.
GPI/GCMI US norm with 2 separate numbers. The “400” numbers indicate the height of the neck finish and the second one the diameter of the neck finish. Mainly use in cosmetic or parapharma and with pump, pourer, dispenser, dropper, etc.
PS22 PS liner is a foam sheet inserted into caps. When the cap is closed, the sheet is pressed against the rim of the container edge and sealing is activated.
IHS Common liner, sealed to the container by induction heat. Perfect for protecting flavors, oil or powdered products.

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