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Amber Glass Jars Packaging

We have a comprehensive range of amber glass jars for you to choose from. Our jars are especially popular for creams, gels, powders and solids such as pills and capsules and can be used in a variety of markets from pharmaceuticals and sports nutrition to personal care and chemicals. Feel free to browse our full glass range here

Full range of Amber Glass packaging range:

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product image of amber glass jars cosmetic

Cosmetic Jar (Amber Glass)

  • Height: 71,0 mm – 80,2 mm
  • Diameter: 56,3 mm – 65,1 mm
  • Neck: R3

Powder Jar (Amber Glass)

  • Height: 52,4 mm – 180,5 mm
  • Diameter: 32,5 mm – 103,5 mm
  • Neck: R3
product image of amber glass jars jaycap

Jaycap (Amber Glass)

  • Height: 52,4 mm – 180,5 mm
  • Diameter: 32,5 mm – 103,5 mm
  • Neck: GCA
Botella de Cerveza

Beer Bottle (Amber Glass)

  • Height: 71,0 mm – 80,2 mm
  • Diameter: 56,3 mm – 65,1 mm
  • Neck: Crown
product image of dropper

Dropper Bottle (Amber Glass)

  • Height: 52,4 mm – 180,5 mm
  • Diameter: 32,5 mm – 103,5 mm
  • Neck: GL18

Alpha Sirop (Amber Glass)

  • Height: 52,4 mm – 180,5 mm
  • Diameter: 32,5 mm – 103,5 mm
  • Neck: ROPP

Your products deserve high quality packaging

  • Bulk powder jars manufactured, transported and stocked in the UK for reliable supply.
  • Amber Glass for UV protection and a longer product shelf life
  • Made using locally recycled content and easily recyclable in domestic waste
  • Wide necks to accommodate larger capsules and softgels.
  • Sizes from 15ml up to 250ml giving uniformity to all product lines

Packed with quality, inside & Out

Our high quality jars are perfect for filling food and nutritional supplements. Therefore, we have screw top jars with many different sizes to choose from. The wide-mouth jars offer safe storage for a whole range of semi-solid and solid substances such as powders, tablets, pills, capsules and softgels. Due to the large openings as well as the wide range of filling sizes, this amber glass jar series is suitable for all tablet and capsule sizes from double zero to size “3”.

Our jars have a classic design with a simple silhouette, and are often referred to as apothecary amber glass jars. This traditional appearance equally meets the requirements of the modern health and wellness market. In combination with a metal closure in gold or silver, our jars are also given a high quality and exclusive look.

Powder Jar views

Reliable amber glass packaging

For our cosmetic use, our amber glass jars are straight sided for easy access to thicker or more solid contents and easy labelling. They are also proving popular as candle jars with an elegant and traditional style.

Our powder jars are equally versatile as they come in a large family of sizes. The Jaycap jars complete the set with a flip top neck finish for easy opening and closing and have long been used in the health and wellbeing sector as traditional glass jars for tablets and pills.

Benefits of Amber Glass

For certain filling goods, it is important how they are stored and to what extent they may come into contact with UV radiation and light. It is not for nothing that medicines in particular are still stored in amber glass jars today. The effectiveness of the sensitive active ingredients may be negatively affected by UV radiation.

The same applies to certain foods. An example of this is the different types of beer. The product is made from hops and barley. The process as well as the ingredients allow for a long shelf life. Nevertheless, light may influence the taste and shelf life.

Sustainable amber glass

  • Amber Glass is a sustainable material that is 100% infinitely recyclable without compromising quality or strength.
  • Pont can help with materials, also on the wider, fundamental factors such as design and colour for your 
  • The colouring of amber glass is achieved by iron oxide and a proportion of sodium sulphate in the clear glass and can therefore be described as a 100% natural product.

Amber Glass Accessories

  • Naturally, we also have the right safety closure for your amber glass jars. With a tamper-evident ring or a corresponding insert, you simply provide the necessary proof of the integrity of your product and thus a perfect first-opening guarantee. Your valuable product is then airtight and securely sealed.

Our team is ready to handle everything

Experts in packaging for over 15 years

Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to know more about the production, design or suitable areas of application for amber glass jars, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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