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We have a wide range of caps and lids available to complement your choice of glass jars for storing food and, with all our packaging produced in the UK/EU, we can quickly get your packaging straight to your door.

Food Packaging Range

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Hexagonal Food Jar 190ml

Hexagonal Jar 190ml

  • Material : Glass
  • Colour : White flint
  • Neck finish : CT
  • Neck finish diameter : 58 mm
  • Diameter : 71,1 mm
  • Height : 89,9 mm

Hexagonal Jar 280ml

  • Material : Glass
  • Colour : White flint
  • Neck finish : TO
  • Neck finish diameter : 63 mm
  • Diameter : 78,6 mm
  • Height : 97,4 mm

Food Jar 60ml

  • Material : Glass
  • Colour : White flint, amber
  • Neck finish : R3
  • Neck finish diameter : 51 mm
  • Diameter : 51,6 mm
  • Height : 52,4 mm

Mustard Jar 100ml

  • Material : Glass
  • Colour : White flint
  • Neck finish : R3
  • Neck finish diameter : 48,0 mm
  • Diameter : Enquire for information
  • Height : Enquire for information

Sauce Bottle 250ml

  • Material : Glass
  • Standard colour : White flint
  • Neck finish : TO
  • Neck finish diameter : 43 mm
  • Diameter : 58,8 mm
  • Height : 188,0 mm

Sauce Bottle 268ml

  • Material : Glass
  • Standard colour : White flint
  • Neck finish : TO
  • Neck finish diameter : 38 mm
  • Diameter : 61,5 mm
  • Height : 166,0 mm

Large variety of stock for uk delivery

You’ve carefully considered every element of producing your artisan food products, so you can be assured that PONT will take great care of the packaging logistics; all your glass jars for food storage from PONT will be packaged securely and transported with a light touch. We make sure your food packaging jars are delivered when you want them too – we listen to your production schedules and discuss exactly what you need.

Bespoke customization for food jars

Glass is the perfect partner for artisan food products, with its infinite recyclability and comfortable positioning as the sustainable material of choice for conscientious consumers. 

All our packaging can be customised to suit your branding thanks to our design partnership and personalisation capabilities – without adding valuable time to your order. Talk to us about embossing, custom labels and bespoke food jar options and you will see how easy it is to add customised elements. PONT supports you every step of the way.

Food Grade Glass Packaging

Artisan food brands understand how the right packaging adds value to your products. PONT’s range of sustainable glass jars for storing food continue the premium positioning of your preserves, chutneys, sauces and condiments on the shelf. Our food grade packaging keeps your delicious goodies safe too, with our glass jars for food storage – including suitable tamper evident and child-safe lids and closures – offering excellent barrier protection from outside elements such as oxygen and moisture.

Glass is ideal for food grade packaging as it is both appealing on the shelf and effective as a safe packaging material, with no cross contamination or possibility for impacting the flavour. Sustainable, affordable packaging for artisan food brands from PONT.

Make your product Stand out

Your jams, chutneys and sauces will find their ideal home in the glass packaging portfolio from PONT. Our sauce bottles options, with hexagonal jars in various sizes as well as the classic round pickle jars and sauce bottles, available with wide necks, ready for easy filling with your jams, pickles and condiments.

Bringing an attractive point of sale as well as a luxury look for gifting, your delicious spreadable and liquid products will certainly look their best in PONT glass jars for storing food.

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Your questions will find their answers with the PONT Packaging team. Whatever you want to ask about logistics, sustainability, food grade packaging, or quotes, just get in touch and we will be delighted to help. Our experienced and friendly team knows all about glass jars for storing food and you know all about your delicious products – between us, we’ll find the perfect glass packaging solution.

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