Discover the power of an unique design packaging

Effective branding for the fast growing vitamin and mineral supplement (VMS) sector is a key element in the consumer appeal, with the vast array of products available often resulting in confusion for health-driven customers.

With much of the sector driven by online sales, the design of the packaging of VMS products needs to quickly and efficiently convey both the legislative and practical information of the product within, in order to give the consumer the data they need to make an informed choice. As this sector – worth an impressive $18.14 billion globally in 2020 – is also heavily influenced by informed consumers, looking to purchase vitamins and minerals that will provide them with the health benefits they want, there is no room for unclear messaging, and little space for sharing the facts.

So that space needs to be strategically utilised. Informed consumers are wise to greenwashing or unqualified statements, so the branding and wording on your VMS packaging must be accurate, easy to understand and in line with the information the potential customer requires.

All of these factors come together to create a well-packaged VMS product that has shelf-appeal as well as online sales appeal. In both settings, consumers are used to seeing the same formats and the same terminology – albeit used in a slightly different way. While this can provide some sense of comfort in a crowded marketplace, in a sector that is characterised by people looking for small advantages and that welcomes open-mindedness, offering your vitamin or mineral supplement with a unique selling point is clearly beneficial.

Branded packaging for the VMS sector is not necessarily as expensive as it is perceived to be; by working with a packaging partner that specialises in the specific nuances of this exciting sector, creating branded packaging for your vitamin and mineral supplements can be an affordable option. PONT Europe focuses on delivering a range of responsible glass and rPET plastic packaging suitable for the VMS segment, working with customers to develop bespoke packaging that helps to strengthen your brand and boost consumer recognition – all while keeping the product safe within.

PONT Europe marketing director Ulric Lonfils explains, “There is such intense development that goes into launching and sustaining a successful VMS brand that it is crucial the packaging doesn’t let it down. Vitamin and mineral supplements are often created by people that are passionate about wellbeing and supporting health, so for the packaging to not pull its weight is such a wasted opportunity. But we’ve found that the teams behind the VMS brands think that branded packaging is out of their reach and beyond their budget. PONT is delighted to work with VMS brands to show how branded packaging that is responsible and unique is actually an affordable way to help build their brand and boost sales.”

Affordable bespoke packaging partner

Working with a packaging partner that understands the specifics of the vitamin and mineral supplements market helps to position your brand as a viable choice for potential customers that are serious about their health and wellbeing. In a sector that is flooded with new products that may or may not be delivering on their promises, choosing affordable bespoke packaging is a welcome advantage.

Lonfils continues, “The VMS sector is evolving all the time; there’s the ‘medicated confectionery’ segment that sees gummy vitamin and mineral supplements alone already valued at $5.8 billion in 2020, so helping brands to see how they can stand out in a growing yet already-populated market – especially where sales are driven online – is key. The right packaging allows a brand to stand out right from the first consumer touch point.”

Vitamin and mineral supplements are popular across the health and wellbeing segment, with consumers looking for ways to boost their immune system, help weight-loss, promote hormonal balance, and promote energy levels – and many more reasons. Lonfils concludes, “The marketing of your VMS product allows you to connect with the right audience – people have a huge variety of reasons to be seeking to buy a VMS product – so by working with PONT as a packaging partner, that complex process is made easier – and more affordable – than you probably thought possible.”