Plastic Taxes for Pont


Since beginning of 2021, the EU put a tax in place which requires from all member states to pay 0.80€/kg for non-recycled plastic packaging waste. It’s introduced as part of the coronavirus pandemic recovery package and all income from this tax will go back to the EU. As a consequence, the member states put national plastic packaging taxes in place to finance the EU tax.

UK, Spain and Italy already announced detailed information about national plastic packaging taxes. The taxable base is determined by the weight of waste in metric tons on virgin plastics. These kind of taxes needs to be paid within a country and is different per country, similar to the VAT.

Please find details about the different national taxes, which will have an impact on Pont below.

Most of the other European countries think about ways to introduce plastic packaging taxes. We should be prepared that in the near future, further similar taxes will be introduced.

This leads to following impacts for us:

  • Focus even more on design our packaging fit for recycling and advise our customers to do so, to avoid expensive fees for us and our customers.
  • Use recycled material in packaging which is further recyclable to keep material in the loop.
  • Consider the possibility to reduce weight of products where possible, by keeping the same quality.
  • Be prepared to pay taxes for packaging which won’t meet requirements of the taxes.
  • Adapt our system, traceability and accounting (invoices, etc.) in the required way, which is different per country.
  • Think in further design of packaging, e.g. reuse/ refill.

All related departments (Finance, Green Packaging, Sales, IT) are working together to be prepared for the upcoming taxes in the countries mentioned.
We will keep you posted on upcoming changes, postponements and new plastic packaging taxes.