Petpacker: a range that is known for its modularity

Pont Packaging offers a wide range of “Petpacker” containers for professionals in the sports nutrition and health sectors. Petpacker is one of the most in-demand and widely available plastic pot packaging solutions on the market.

Discover why and customize your Petpacker according to the specific needs of your brand and your products.

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Focus on PET, the raw material for the Petpacker

The Petpacker is made from the type of plastic known as PET, but do you know what PET is and what its advantages are? PET is the abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate. It is a material that is appreciated by packaging manufacturers for several reasons: its low energy demand in production, its lightness, its resistance and that it is 100% recyclable. It is therefore an environmentally friendly plastic.

Another strong point: last but not least, PET is compatible with foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products, whether they are in tablet, capsule or liquid form.

Petpacker: an adaptable container for customized packaging

Choice of content

Pont Packaging supplies the Petpacker range for all capacities, from 60ml to 950ml. This vast range of volumes is the key to adapting to the varied and unique needs of every food product or health product manufacturer or distributor. These cylindrical packaging items are available in both standard sizes and less common formats, depending on whether the brand is aiming to stand out from the crowd or blend into the shelving. In both cases, Petpacker adapts perfectly to the packaging lines and the constraints of the logistical supply chain.

Petpacker customization

Petpacker items can be customized as required to meet brand differentiation requirements while maintaining consistency throughout the range. They are available in numerous colours, transparent or opaque (matt or gloss finish), with every colour adding a touch of exclusivity to the products. In addition to colours, Petpacker containers can be customized using a fully or partially heat-shrinkable sleeve, by applying labels, a cover embossed with any motif (a logo, symbol, slogan, etc.). ).

Petpacker protects the products it contains

PET is a safe material that is compatible with foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products, making it ideal for packaging tablets and capsules of vitamins or nutritional supplements. Its robustness makes it a high-performance container for transporting products not only throughout the supply chain but also when in the hands of the consumer, who will be able to use it on the move without risk.

Option + : Pont Packaging has developed a tamper-proof solution for its Petpacker range. A tamper-proof screw-top system guarantees the integrity of the product for both the brand and the end customer.

Content associated with Petpacker

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