Polypacker: protection and differentiation for capsules and tablets

Polypacker is an ideal packaging solution for any brand that wants to package its products safely and stand out from the crowd with a strong visual identity. Pont Packaging, a European supplier that specializes in plastic pot packaging, has integrated Polypacker as the first choice in its capsule and tablet packaging solutions.

Discover why Polypacker is the right answer to your brand’s needs.

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Polypacker: sturdy containers for safe packaging

A Polypacker is a cylindrical pot with a screw top. Available in capacities ranging from 100ml to 300ml, they are perfect for packaging capsules and tablets. A Polypacker container is in fact made of PP (the abbreviation for polypropylene), a hard plastic used in food packaging in particular because it is suitable for contact with foodstuffs and use in that sector. This material is known for its good protection performance. Its properties and its robustness will be appreciated throughout the supply chain, as well as for shelving in stores, for e-commerce sales or for everyday transport by the end consumer. The practical and efficient screw top makes sure that the products stay properly preserved.

Pont Packaging’s range of pots that stand out

Pont Packaging offers a choice…

Manufacturers and retailers have the choice of various Polypacker finishes. The pots are available in several colours, with matt or gloss finishes. The first decoration variant can be rounded off with customized options for products that can be exclusive to the brand.

And the customisation!

Pont Packaging encourages brands to add their signature to their packaging to affirm their identity and specific features. These design elements and finishing touches are what will let the consumer identify and recognize the brand.

So, there are various options for customizing Polypacker items:

  • Lid: choice of colour and embossing the logo, slogan or motif
  • Shrink-wrap sleeve: fully or partly covering the Petpacker, with anything you want printed on it
  • Label: choice of formats and positioning, with anything you want printed on it

These various possibilities help enhance and differentiate the brand’s products on the shelf, as well as creating a coherent look across its product ranges. It’s the start of a special relationship with the consumer…

Content associated with Polypacker

Pont Packaging has other possibilities for plastic containers for capsules and tablets. Discover the Petpacker, packaging made in recyclable PET, and the Roundpacker, made from recycled or bio-sourced materials.

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