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Alcohol Miniatures Bottles

The miniature bottle is ideal for clients that sell their alcohol to travel companies, liquor-shops, hotels, or even large and small distillery production facilities for experimenting with new liquor brands and samples. Pont Europe offers a variety of mini glass bottles as well as bespoke mini bottles to suit your needs. We can provide bulk and wholesale quantities at competitive prices.

A Brief History of Miniature Glass Bottles

Mini alcohol bottles, or simply miniatures, were first produced as a way for liquor salesman to give a small sample of their product to customers without having to open a full sized bottle. From there, the miniatures have always tagged along with the standard bottle production but they were never really recognized as a valuable asset. That changed in the 1930’s during the U.S. prohibition on alcohol. In these troubled times alcohol miniatures prospered. These small bottles were not scrutinised as closely and they were not taxed. It was also easier to transport and sell alcohol in this form. At this same time, the European spirit production industry boomed and massive shipments of miniature alcohol bottles were being dispatched to the US. As the prohibition ended so did the golden days for the miniatures but that does not mean that the miniature was forgotten. With the expansion of traveling industry, tourism, and the ever steady growth of the liquor business, the miniature has carved out its own place and functionality.

Where to Find Them Today

Mini glass bottles are used in many ways today. During long flights or train travel it is a lot more convenient to have a small shot designed for one person. Many hotel rooms have mini-bars and these are a great place to store several miniatures of different brands compared to one large bottle. Hotels work with a lot customers and each of them has unique taste in things. This way a person can choose what liquor they want to drink. Large and small distilleries can use small miniatures to experiment with a new line of alcoholic brands or for promotional purposes, giving out samples of their product. For some bars it is a standard procedure to use miniatures for mixed drinks as it is a standardised 50 ml spirit bottle, the equivalent of one shot (some European countries have this set at 25-30 ml, so the mixed drink can come out stronger than usual). Finally, liquor stores use miniatures for customers who would rather take one or two shots compared to buying a whole bottle. Often you can find several brands of alcohol packed in miniature sets together. One example would be three miniature bottles where one is a vodka mini, one would be brandy mini and the last one could be a rum mini bottle. These packages can be an excellent gift to someone who just reached legal age of drinking and can now try and taste what liquor suits them best.

50ml spirit bottle

Pont Europe Miniature Bottle Line

As part of our production line, Pont Europe offers small 50 ml alcohol bottles. There are three mini glass bottle lines. One is called Derby the second one is the spirit bottle Vodka and the third is the Amsterdam. They are made out of our top quality glass, standard while flint colour and have a ROPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof) closure.

Glass Bottle Decorations and Bespoke Bottle Solutions

If the Derby, Amsterdam and Vodka miniature bottle lines seem ordinary and you are in a situation where you need the miniature to have a brand story, our expert team here in Pont can help you make it into a more personalised product. We do this through embossing and engraving. We can also decorate the miniature bottle using painting, adding special effects like frosting, matte or glossy colours, bi-colours or silver or gold coating. Another simple way to decorate the small alcohol bottle is with full body sleeves. If these options are not something you would be satisfied with, you can always design your glass bottle from scratch. Remember, we are here to help you receive the glass containers of your dreams. If you decide to go with our bespoke program you can give us a prospect of how the glass bottle should look and we can make it into reality and our team will be here to help you with the design all the way.

Delivery and Warehousing options

Here at Pont we can arrange deliveries of our mini glass bottles from one of our warehouses directly to you. It can be set to go out on a daily basis or it can be delivered on call. We have 14 offices and storage units across all of Europe. Located in 10 countries, our multilingual team of experts can help you set up and organize your business with ease. If you lack space at your storage, there is also an option to keep your stock in one of our warehouses and pay only for the bulk packages that are being delivered to you on a regular basis and in this way Pont helps you to maintain your budget and invest in your business more efficiently. All of our production is certified so clients are guaranteed that our products are following the trends with the current industry standards. As our team likes to say, delivering a perfect packaging solution is part of our DNA.

Choose Pont For Your Mini Bottle Needs

Miniature alcohol glass bottles are a perfect solution for a wide range of industries where classic bottles fall short. For any questions you might have feel free to contact us here at Pont Europe and we will help you by providing you with detailed explanation on the services we provide.

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