Pont closures in a spectrum of standard colours

Brighten up the full package with one of Pont’s  Continuous Thread Closures in new standard colours. 

With 16 shades to choose from, there’s something to suit every style.

Pont offers a wide variety of continuous thread closures in eight different diameters ranging from 38mm up to 135mm as standard in black and white but are now expanding that offering with a spectrum of 16 standard colours that can be produced in either a matt or glossy finish.

The extensive range incorporates primary colours in eight shades as well as a further four secondary colours. There are also the popular metallic shades to add value and sparkle on the shelf in gold, silver and bronze. Lastly, in line with its commitment to sustainability and following research into the recycling processes of plastics, Pont have added a carbon black free shade.

The Standard colours have been tested NIR detectable by the German Packaging Institute.

You can now add a splash of colour to your closure with a minimum order of just 25,000 units as opposed to 50,000 units for bespoke colours and choose whether to complement or contrast with the container using a matt or glossy texture.

In developing this capsule collection of colours, Pont has been able to vastly improve the efficiency and lead-times of production not only because the master batch colours are already in place but also by having colour samples at the ready for customer approval.

make it personal - make it unique

A coloured closure can be the finishing touch to a personalised product package. Vitally important when creating attention on a crowded shelf or in a long list of products on-line.

But you can take it further and make it truly unique to your branding by embossing or debossing a bespoke logo or text directly into your closure. A fantastic way to add value and quality to your overall product package by making your message both look great and feel pleasing to the touch.

We specialise in making personalised container and closure add-ons accessible to more brands and so are pleased to offer not only the textural matt and glossy finishes but also embossing or debossing at the same minimum order level of 25,000 units.





If you would like to view a colour and see how it works with your container, we have a full range the colours available in a sample 70mm closure. We can also provide a full quotation and further information on how to get started with the embossing/debossing process.

If you’ve been considering a change of packaging and closure or simply need some advice on the technical aspects of the closures, liners, tamper evidence or child resistance, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Use coloured closures

 to differentiate your range by:

As the health and wellbeing market moves away from sterile white packaging, it’s important to offer brands a change of style.  The colour range brings Pont’s closures up to speed with the vast array of container colours already offered, topping off ranges such as the Petpacker or Cylindrical Jar.

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