Glass Bottles Wholesale From Pont Packaging

Over the last three decades, through hard work, constant innovations in production technologies and dedication of its staff, Pont Europe grew to become one of the leading all-European glass packaging providers. With a large network of multilingual offices and warehouses across Europe, we provide quick and reliable deliveries to every client. If you are looking for a wholesale provider for your glass bottles, you have come to the right place.

Glass Bottles For Your Specific Needs

Here at Pont you can find everything you need for your distillery. Do you already have your production set? Are you just starting? We can meet all of your demands at whatever stage. From wholesale glass containers available in several shapes and sizes to fully customized glass bottle solutions and all that with competitive pricing. The market demands are always changing so make sure you don’t fall behind. Through innovative technology, a strong and dedicated team of experts and cost optimization, Pont Europe has set itself apart from other wholesale glass bottle suppliers.

Our Standard Bottles

In our inventory of standard spirit bottles we include the most popular 700 ml Harlem Bottle and the 500 ml Amsterdam Bottle. Apart from these, there is also a glass bottle Derby line with a large number of volumes to choose from, the smallest one being 50ml with screw cap and the largest is set at 1500 ml. All of our bottles are made out of high quality glass that is certified safe for the food industry. This means Pont follows the current standards in the industry and you can rest assured our products are environmentally friendly.

Customising Our Standard Glass Bottles

Orders can be made in large or small quantities and you can additionally customize the bottles to fit your brand. The best way to do this is by embossing or engraving so that the glass packages share a story of your personal brand. Fast production turnaround, low minimum order quantities and affordable pricing make this technique very attractive to those in the liquor business. Aside from the embossing and engraving there are other options for bottle decorations that include sleeves, painting, special effects like frosting, glossy colours or gold and silver coating. So if you prefer a more modern approach, this would be an alternative to the traditional way of labeling your products. 3D labels also fall in this category of modern glass decorations that make the product fun and easy to get noticed by the customers. The labels are also easy to set and accommodate to the shape and size of any bottle.

Bespoke Bottle Options

If by any chance you need your bottle designed from scratch, Pont will assist you with crafting a bespoke glass bottle for your liquor. This is a unique way to package your product and make sure it receives a high placement on the market. In the spirits industry having an eye catching personalized glass bottle is almost as important as having an excellent product. That is why so many premium brands chose Pont Europe to be their partner in the spirits bottle business. On top of all this, you can choose from a variety of our bottle closures and find the best fit. It is always smart to finish your product with a unique and quality closure.

Wholesale and Packaging of Glass Bottles

Pont Packaging can make wholesale and in bulk sales easy. It is often a good decision to choose wholesale ordering as it tends to be the most economical way to purchase your glass bottle containers. This frees up more of your overall budget to further develop other aspects of your business. With our superior logistical options, here at Pont we can deliver the desired packages where you need them. We can supply smaller production facilities or large set up spirit industrialized plants. We can even repack merchandise in smaller quantities to meet your demands. It is up to you to decide whether you want to work on a yearly planned out contract of deliveries or whether you would rather have the goods delivered on call.

Logistics and Deliveries

The great thing when choosing Pont Europe is that you can pick the best solutions that you need and we will adapt to the service required. The most important thing to us is the final result and that means that our goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your result. Be it a full wholesale contract for our standard Harlem line or a completely new bespoke glass-bottle package for a promotional brand line you are presenting, the Pont team will make your dreams into reality. As for the contract terms, Pont can even offer to hold onto your additional stock if you lack space at your production warehouses. This way you can take smaller regular deliveries that spread the cost and focus and invest in other areas of the business.

Pont Packaging provides large geographical coverage in order to be close to its customers. There are total of 14 offices and storage locations, 3 being in the UK, 3 in France, 2 in Germany and 1 each in Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Sweden. This allows us to provide quick and reliable service to all of our European clients. Our warehouses are clean and well-conditioned. They are also strategically located throughout these principal European countries, providing impeccable service to our clients.

When required, these 14 offices storage facilities can work 24/7 to deliver everything you need to grow your business. Knowing that the storage aspect (rent, insurance, handling…) of your glass bottles can cost over a third of all your expenses it is important to find a way to optimize these costs. With Pont Europe you can do just that, plus you can further invest in your business growth which makes Pont an ideal partner for your future development.

Why choose Pont Packaging as your glass bottle supplier?

A wide range of glass bottle containers available in a variety of shapes and sizes, options for decorating these standard bottles to your needs, the ability to design a whole new bottle line from scratch, choosing from a variety of bottle closures, great logistics and warehouse distribution and overall affordable prices, make Pont Europe one of the few in the spirit packaging industry that are worth taking time to examine. Contact us and our team will make sure you are pleased with the results you receive.

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