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Dropper bottle 020ml GL18 glass amber

Dropper bottle 020ml GL18 glass amber

Ensuring secure and leak-proof usage, this dropper bottle 20ml glass with a GL18 neck finish is remarkably versatile. Built from robust materials, it promises longevity and sturdiness. With capacities from 10ml to 100ml, it’s adept at storing essential oils, serums, and other liquids for both personal and professional uses. Diverse closure options, including screw caps, tamper-evident, and child-resistant options, prioritize safety while preserving product quality. The inclusion of a precisely calibrated pipette guarantees accurate dosing, minimizing waste. Its sleek design is not just functional, but also enhances visual appeal, offering an elevated user experience and making it an excellent storage solution.


Materiaal : Glass
Benaming : Bottle
Standaardkleur : Amber, white flint
Nekafwerking : GL
Diameter nekafwerking : 18 mm
Diameter : 29,5 mm
Hoogte : 72,2 mm

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