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Spirit Bottles Packaging

Pont are suppliers of high quality glass Spirit Bottles, perfect for bottling the artisan spirits being manufacturered in the UK. The focus is on a high quality social moment to be savoured with beautifully packaged products and elegant glass spirit bottles being an essential part of the scene, adding value and differentiating a brand on the shelf. 

Spirit Bottles: PRODUCTS


image of spirit bottles 50ml

50ml Spirit

  • Height: 101.5mm
  • Diameter: 42.0mm
  • Neck:20mm ROPP
image of spirit bottles 200ml

200ml Spirit Bottles

  • Height: 144.0mm
  • Diameter: 62.0mm
  • Neck: corkmouth

500ml Spirit Bottles

  • Height: 190.0mm
  • Diameter: 85.3mm
  • Neck: corkmouth
image of spirit bottles 700ml

700ml Spirit Bottles

  • Height: 213.0mm
  • Diameter: 94.0mm
  • Neck: corkmouth

DESIGNED FOR Liqour & alcohol

A beautifully elegant shape, the Derby Spirit Bottles have a classic silhouette for a variety of spirits including rum, whisky and Gin. The parallel sides provide a large labelling area for flexible and creative decoration and branding. The tall neck adds presence on the shelf and allows for further labelling.

All sizes of the round spirit bottles have a cork mouth finish as standard allowing a wide choice of either traditional corks or stoppers.  The exceptions are the miniature 50ml Derby Spirit Bottles, which are fitted with a 20mm ROPP neck for easier and faster filling on the production line.

image of glass bottles

Versatile, sustainable and customisable –miniature glass bottles from PONT

PONT’s miniature glass bottles are available in 30ml and 50ml, with Derby, Sirop and Vodka styles, all with engraving and labelling options. Infinitely recyclable and easily reusable, small glassbottles are the ideal way to packaging and present your spirits and syrups to your customers in advent calendars, corporate gifting or festive special editions. With white flint glass and closures with tamper evident bands, PONT miniature glass bottles are available from stock, with fast delivery across Europe –even for low MOQs. There’s no UK plastic tax to consider either, so you and your customers can appreciate the environmental friendliness of glass while bringing your products to a wider audience.


For our cosmetic use, our amber glass jars are straight sided for easy access to thicker or more solid contents and easy labelling. They are also proving popular as candle jars with an elegant and traditional style. Our powder jars are equally versatile as they come in a large family of sizes. The Jaycap jars complete the set with a flip top neck finish for easy opening and closing and have long been used in the health and wellbeing sector as traditional glass jars for tablets and pills.

Powder Jar

One Complete Package

  • A large number of different shapes and sizes made out of top quality glass
  • Numerous warehouse locations throughout Europe holding stock and proving a fast and reliable delivery service
  • Bespoke design options for your glass spirit bottles
  • Competitive pricing
  • An experienced and knowledgeable sales team with both a named sales manager and internal sales contact dedicated to each account.

Spirit Bottles: Free Samples

Pont is your packaging partner for every stage of product development. We can advise on choice of closure as well as provide technical drawings for the purpose of label area but a sample of our bottles can provide so much more when creating the perfect packaging for your spirit. It can help with both design and product filling and testing. 

Ask our sales team for a sample of our Derby Spirit  Bottles in the size of your choice as well as a cork or stopper to match.

Get more out of your bottles

Corks and closures

Pont Packaging are suppliers of high quality glass spirit bottles with corks and stoppers, providing a variety of shape and size options from squares and rectangles to the ever popular round spirit bottles.

We can supply you with a range of corks, stoppers or closures that fit all of our range, they are high quality and a perfect match for your spirit bottles.

image of our corks


Spirits and Liqueurs have long been bottled in glass due to its robust and completely inert nature. It is secure for transportation and gives products a longer shelf life.

However, it also provides a heavy gauge look and feel to any product, adding quality and value. Particularly important for artisan recipes, lovingly made. The high shine finish of white flint glass spirit bottles perfectly shows off the purity or complexity of the spirit inside making it your best brand ambassador displayed in the bar, restaurant or store.

It is also a completely sustainable material, which should also be considered when planning your packaging.

image of glass bottles

Logistics and delivery

We have a large network of warehouses throughout Europe including a newly built facility in Manchester. Our Spirit Bottles are stocked here in the UK meaning that we can provide fast and convenient deliveries in a matter of days. We are a B2B supplier and work to ISO 22,000 certification so all of our glass spirit bottles are supplied in bulk pallet quantities. This can range from 1,000 units for  larger 700ml Spirit Bottles up to 8,000 units for mini 50ml Spirit bottles (corks and stoppers are sold in box quantities). Our sales teams can advise further on minimum order quantities.

Spirit Bottles: Bespoke Packaging

image of bespoke options

Pont are renowned for innovative designs and creating individuality for brands. This can be achieved in a variety of cost-effective ways at accessible minimum order quantities.

Adding a brand colour, print or embossing to your closure is a great way to complete your spirit bottles for alcohols such as Gin, whisky or rum, choosing a traditional cork or more modern stopper. Embossing on the neck, base or shoulder of the round spirit bottles can elevate it from other standards and is less-expensive than creating a full mould.

Aside from the embossing, there are other options for bottle decorations that include sleeves, painting, special effects like frosting, glossy colours or gold and silver coating. So if you prefer a more modern approach, this would be an alternative to the traditional way of labelling your Spirit Bottle Packaging. 3D labels also fall in this category of modern glass decorations that make the product fun and easy to get noticed by the customers. The labels are also easy to set and accommodate to the shape and size of any mini spirit bottles.

Sustainable Packaging

Glass is the original, sustainable material being infinitely recyclable without loss of strength or quality. White flint glass generally contains around 30% recycled content with amber glass products having a higher recycled content, hiding any colour difference better. Beyond this, the raw materials are abundant, natural elements.

The recyclability of glass in both domestic and commercial settings also makes it a popular choice when considering the environmental effects of your spirit bottles packaging. It is one of the most successfully recycled materials in the UK with a rate of over 70%.

Pont green

Contact Pont Packaging

Start the conversation today and tell us what you need in terms of products. Our sales team can assist with all aspects of packaging from a quotation for as little as one pallet, a sample for product testing to technical drawings and documentation. We’ll offer the best advice on availability and lead-times and also develop longer term stock holding contracts with our customers for peace of mind or simply to assist with your storage space.

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