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Manufacturers of pet care products – you’ve come to the right place! Pont manufactures a wide range of packaging solutions for pet products at our UK and EU facilities, ready to quickly deliver to you from stock at low MOQs.


  • Material : PET/R-PET
  • Colour: Of your choice
  • Neck Finish : CT/HG
  • Capacity: 60 – 950 ml
  • Neck diameter : 38 mm – 53 mm
  • Diameter : 44,0 mm – 91,7 mm
  • Height : 61,0 mm – 178,0 mm


  • Material : HDPE/Bio-based PE
  • Colour: Of your choice
  • Neck Finish : CT, CRC
  • Capacity: 50 – 10,000 ml
  • Neck diameter : 33 mm – 120 mm
  • Diameter : 38,4 mm – 230,0 mm
  • Height : 68,6 mm – 315,0 mm

Dosing Bottles

  • Material : HDPE/recycled PE
  • Colour: Of your choice
  • Neck Finish : TE, DIN, CRC
  • Capacity: 50 – 1,000 ml
  • Neck diameter : 20 mm – 28 mm
  • Depth : 30,0 mm – 65,0 mm
  • Height : 87,0 mm – 261,3 mm


  • Material : PP
  • Colour: Of your choice
  • Neck Finish : snap-on, TE
  • Capacity: 1,000 – 25,000 ml
  • Neck diameter : 147 – 382 mm
  • Height : 100,0 – 323,0 mm

A wide range of packaging for animal feed and supplements

The Pont pet care packaging portfolio has been developed to cater for all your animal needs, including
round or rectangular feed containers in clear or blue PET buckets, with 30% or 100% rPET options for
greater sustainability credentials. Our Roundpackers range brings you various colours for animal
supplements, and our popular Petpackers range is ideal for both supplements and feed.

The most sustainable pet care packaging

For any business, it is necessary to become more sustainable. Due to changes in European laws and regulations, we all need to invest time and money to go greener. For example, plastic recyclability must be 50% by 2025 and 55% by 2030. From 2024, the EU will ban loose closures and caps on bottles.

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and more often insist on sustainable packaging. Did you already know that we have a wide range of sustainable options? With Pont’s packaging, you meet end-users’ sustainability needs. We have packaging made from bio-based and recyclable materials, such as recycled PET. We also offer solutions for connected closures, called tethered caps.

Bespoke packaging for unique pets

From little fish to big horses, from feed to supplements, we can offer dosing bottles, 25l containers and lots in between, with scoops, lids and labels all available to complete your packaging. We can customise your packaging too, thanks to our design partners that add value without adding great expense. Tell us about your products and the animals (and their owners) that buy your products and we’ll work with you to create the right packaging.

B2B supplier of packaging for pet care products

Pont is proud that over 5000 customers have chosen us as their preferred supplier since we were
founded in 1906. We’d love to work with you too! We’re the first choice for packaging because we have
a dedicated contact person, we help optimise your cash flow with low MOQs and on-call delivery, plus
our huge portfolio of over 10,000 packaging products and accessories makes us a reliable one stop shop
for all your packaging needs.

Feed your pets from Pont Packaging

Talk to us about all your pet packaging needs and together we can find the best solution. We can answer
any questions about the most suitable size, shape and volume for your requirements, and make sure to
meet your delivery schedule.

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