The largest Plastic Bottle supplier in UK for Health Products and Sports Nutrition

Health and well-being manufacturers in UK need to be able to find packaging solutions adapted to their various product ranges. Pont Packaging has developed packaging that complies with the requirements of liquid packaging and is suitable for food contact. These complement our comprehensive range of vitamins and sports nutrition products. Bottles in rigid plastic, transparent or opaque, are available in different materials – PET or HDPE -, capacity, colours … Our packaging all allows a wide choice of protection and differentiation options.

The packaging of your plastic bottle will contribute to the success of your brand: discover how with Pont Packaging!

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Choose your plastic bottle with your UK supplier Pont Packaging

Tips for a customised and adapted container

Your Pont Packaging adviser is at your disposal to define, with you, the most suitable packaging for your product and the way it is consumed. Producers or manufacturers in the health and sports nutrition sector, retailers or distributors: everyone has their challenges to solve. We study your needs alongside you, to provide you with customised bottles according to your specifications: precise capacity, easy bottling…

We offer you many customisation options for better performance at the point of sale: colour of the bottle, opaque or transparent plastic, printable heat-shrinkable sleeve, embossing of bottles, screen printing or engraving…

A supplier with an ecological approach

Pont Packaging has diversified its range of plastic bottles by developing ecological and responsible materials. Recyclable PET is complemented by rPET (or compound PET based on recycled PET) and bio-sourced plastics such as HDPE and LDPE. These packaging solutions  have real impact: a virtuous approach for a strengthened brand image.

Pont Packaging secures your products and your customers

Pont Packaging plastic bottles are made of a material compatible with food products. They effectively protect liquids: temperature change, transport, external contamination … Technical solutions ensure the integrity and authenticity of the product, for a relationship of increased trust with your customers: heat-sealable or pressure sensitive seal, tamperproof thread, total or partial heat shrink sleeve joining bottle and cap.

Our range of plastic bottles for your liquid packaging

The rigid plastic bottle

Our rigid plastic bottles come in different volumes and colours. They benefit from all the skills required by healthcare companies: integration in bottling lines, ability to come into contact with food, personalisation of packaging and security of content through appropriate fastenings.

The transparent plastic bottle

Transparent plastic bottles are preferred when it is important for the seller to make its product visible. Pont Packaging UK supplies standard and customised bottles, complying with industrial specifications and the safety requirements of the health and sports nutrition sector.

The opaque plastic bottle

Some liquids require an opaque plastic packaging for better preservation of the formula. Like all our packaging, opaque plastic bottles are customisable and meet the most demanding hygiene standards of manufacturers, suppliers and sellers.

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