Supplier of plastic jars for vitamins and nutrition products for athletes

Sports nutrition is a growing sector. Pont Europe provides manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and sellers of vitamins and sports food supplements with a wide range of packaging. Pont is a supplier having a wide range of preservation and presentation solutions in jars for tailor-made packaging.

Pont Europe produces your cutting-edge, environmentally friendly and personalised packaging, in line with your brand (logo, colours, label, printing on heat-shrink sleeve …) and securely.

More than just a package, the jar you choose contributes to your brand image. It is the first step to a successful customer experience!

Why Pont Europe is the best supplier in plastic jars?

Fully customise your packaging

Pont Europe produces its packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals, health and nutrition in many models, standard and customisable. Our packaging is available in different sizes, capacities and colours for infinitely customisable packaging. Opaque or transparent, coloured or not, offered with a lid embossed with your logo or slogan, completed with a total or partial heat shrink sleeve, they offer a host of differentiation and decoration options.

Environmentally friendly and committed packaging solutions

Pont Europe is your supplier for several environmentally friendly materials suitable for the packaging of food supplements and vitamins, whether they come in powders, capsules, tablets or granules. This growing consumer demand is undeniably a factor of choice when choosing a brand. Choose between a recyclable PET, rPET made from recycled PET or bio-sourced HDPE and LDPE plastic.

Authenticity and safety of your health products

Specialist in the packaging of health products – food supplements, vitamins … – and sports nutrition, Pont Europe has developed packaging that meets the standards of food and pharmaceutical compatibility. All packages in our catalogue are suitable for food contact. We also provide professionals – manufacturers, wholesalers, resellers … with security systems: heat-sealed or pressure-sensitive lids for guaranteed authenticity of the product, sleeve connecting the lid and jar, tamperproof thread…

We consider athletes and the new trends of life on the road

Pont Europe packaging is suitable for travel sizes and products used on-the-go by sports men and women . All packages are easy to carry in a sports bag or handbag, without risk of opening thanks to their snap-on screw ring that secures the cover.

Packaging ranges in plastic jars

Supplier of Petpacker

Petpackers are one of the most common containers in the product world. With their capacity of 60 to 950 ml, they are adaptable for busy and active lifestyles. Pont Europe makes your Petpacker an effective and aesthetic communication tool!

Supplier of Roundpackers

Roundpackers come in different capacities – from 50 to 950 ml for tablets and capsules and 1250 to 10 000 ml for powders – to perfectly suit the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors … All customisation options with the colours and motifs of the company are possible.

Supplier of Polypackers

Polypackers are containers perfectly suited to the requirements of the sports nutrition and food supplement industry. Capacity of jars from 100 to 300 ml, choice of colours, matt or glossy finishes, embossing of the cover with logo or text: they offer many customisation options.

Supplier of Empty jars for protein

Powders are the result of years of scientific and nutritional research and, to preserve all their virtues, must be protected by a suitable package, hygienic and secure. This is the challenge facing Pont Europe.

The packaging of food supplements

Pont Europe provides the food supplements sector with a full range of plastic packaging that is perfectly adapted to its specific requirements. Powders, capsules, tablets, pills … Each product and each brand has its own packaging. Pont Europe has produced its packaging in jars, bottles, flasks, pillboxes, compacts and containers, available according to different customisation options.

Jars for granules

The patented TWINCAP system allows the controlled distribution of the right dose of granules (powder or liquid). It is associated with plastic packaging (PET, rPET, or HDPE) and has the same advantages and benefits as other products in the Pont Europe plastic packaging range.

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