Roundpacker: functional and sturdy packaging

The Roundpacker is one of the preferred solutions in the vitamins, sports nutrition and health products sector. They are part of the range of plastic pot packaging developed by Pont Packaging, a supplier of packaging solutions to manufacturers, producers and distributors throughout Europe.

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Roundpacker containers are made of environmentally-friendly HDPE

HDPE, which stands for high-density polyethylene, is a type of plastic that is 100% recyclable. Pont Packaging offers R-HDPE, plastic made from recycled materials, and Bio-based HDPE, plastic made from biobased materials. The European group is therefore part of a responsible development approach: what it offers to brands are proven solutions that meet their customers’ ecological aspirations, without making any concessions on the technical performance of the containers.

The Roundpacker meets logistical requirements

It has a standard cylindrical shape but is available in a wide range of capacities, so the Roundpacker fits perfectly into the supply chain. It has a large opening that ensures easy filling when packaging the products. Secure – thanks to the robustness of HDPE and the screw top –- and able to meet the requirements of both traditional and online commerce. Easy to transport and functional, it is a container for use on the move when people are consuming health products.

Our HDPE pots: from min format to max format 

The Roundpacker is a sturdy container that is available in a wide range of volumes, from 50ml to 950ml. So it is perfectly adaptable for capsule and tablet packaging in quantities that can vary according to the product and the recommendations for use. Consistency across the brand’s ranges is assured: not only in the container format, but also in the customization options for brand recognition on the shelves or for creating corners and POS displays with the brand’s logo.

Pont Packaging can customize the Roundpacker

As with all the packaging solutions it provides, Pont Packaging offers high-quality options for differentiating and customizing Roundpacker items. Producers, distributors and retailers have various possibilities for creating packaging that matches their brand identity: choice of colour of both the Roundpacker and its lid, a full or partial sleeve shrunk around the Roundpacker, a product signature with embossing on the lid and labels applied.

Content associated with this type of packaging

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