Recycled PET packaging materials

PET is a very versatile and practical plastic. It’s an appealing choice for consumers wanting to see what they’re buying and it provides excellent barrier properties against moisture and oxygen for a longer shelf life. But how can we make this often single-use plastic more sustainable and less damaging to the environment?

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Recycled PET (R-PET) Policy

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Pont constantly strives to offer the best sustainable packaging options available focusing on a circular economy. We advise on material and designs that are both sustainable and more effectively recycled.

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A great range for pills, capsules, and tablets, the perfect clarity of the Petpackers add value to your brand.

  • from 60ml up to 950ml
  • screw top or flip top finish
  • Wide necks for larger capsules

Cylindrical Jar

A simple and practical jar that provides a modern and elegant style. Great visibility of contents.

  • from 500ml up to 1000ml
  • full width screw neck
  •  easy to use for creams, solids and powders

PET Sirop Bottle

A modern update on the traditional pharmaceutical bottle, now adopted by a variety of sectors.

  • from 60ml up to 1000ml
  • uniform 28ROPP on all sizes
  • safe and lightweight

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We have a huge range of products in various sustainable materials

The various benefits of recycled plastic

Created, Used, Recycled, recylced again.

If you’re unsure about switching to recycled PET, we can offer our customers the best available options in sustainable materials and packaging solutions for successful recycling in a circular economy.

  • Recycled PET offers very similar technical properties to virgin PET
  • Products made using recycled PET can still be classified as food grade
  • It is easily collected in domestic recycling and can be recycled several times with stable quality
  • It can be recycled again in the same stream as virgin PET
  • Recycled PET uses less resources and less energy to produce than virgin PET

Choose Your Percentage Of Recycled Plastic

Free Samples Available For Percentages of Recycled PET

Although 100% recycled PET would seem to be the ideal solution, there must balance between the sustainability of the product and the resources of recycled PET raw material globally .

Based on this, we suggest a recycled content of 30% in keeping with EU regulations and also other national legislations on recycled plastic packaging. However, we’d be happy to discuss other percentages of recycled content on a project basis.

Also to consider here is the discolouration of the PET which varies depending upon how much recycled content is added and can also vary from one batch to another. However, today’s consumers are becoming increasingly used to seeing this discolouration on their retail products making it an indicator of your commitment to more sustainable packaging.

0% R-PET

This container is made using 0% recycled PET which means that the Petpacker is made entirely from virgin PET

The colour is very clear and can be perceived as being made from brand new material.

30% R-PET

This container is made using 30% recycled PET which means that 70% of the material used to make this Petpacker is virgin PET.

There is a small discolouration due to the 30% of recycled material.

100% R-PET

This container is made using 100% recycled PET which means that this Petpacker is made entirely from recycled PET and void of any virgin PET.

The discolouration is more pronounced due to the high amount of recycled material.

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We have a wide range of sustainable options for all our products

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